Can Democrat Efforts to Impeach Trump Work?

Can the Democrat Party Efforts to Impeach Trump Save their Party?

It now looks like the Trump-Russian collusion investigation has gone nowhere and might end in January or February. So, instead, the Left and the Democrats hope to nullify the results of the historic 2016 presidential election by attempting to impeach Trump over obstruction of justice charges, or possibly Logan Act violations. Will these efforts actually result in a Trump impeachment? Will they result in Trump being removed from office? Importantly for Democrats, will they save the Democrat Party from themselves?

The Democrat Party is in Political Free Fall

The old mainstream media won’t talk about it, but the Democrat Party is in political free fall. They have lost the House, the Senate, and the White House. Most governorships are Republican (34) to the Democrats (15). The governor of the state of Alaska is an independent. State legislative bodies are overwhelmingly Republican.

How about contributions from small donors who give $200 or less? In the first nine months of 2017, small contributions to the Republican National Committee were much higher than to the Democrat National Committee, about $40 M to about $25 M.

In key areas, leadership, management, organization, training and recruiting the farm team, Republicans dominate Democrats.

Key Issue for Democrats – Ignoring the Will of the People

Instead of supporting policies and programs that voters seek, the Democrat Party continues to be the party of big government elites. Working class Americans have been left out in the cold so that Democrats can pursue a strategy of “identity politics.”

Democrats need to realize that not all Americans resonate with identity politics. Plus, these days, as pollsters have learned from research, people are not in the monolithic voting blocs of the past. Voters elect people to solve their problems, not to focus on their particular identity.  Many voters simply no longer line up rigidly in the way identity politics might have you believe.

Trying to Impeach Trump Won’t Work

There was no Trump-Russian collusion. There was no obstruction of justice either. The president can’t obstruct justice by talking to the FBI Director (James Comey). The president can always have an opinion on any case, at any time, and can express it to anyone that’s working under him. The president can fire James Comey or anyone else in his administration, with or without cause. If anyone has any doubt, they can refer to Article 2 in the Constitution.

Attempting to impeach Trump, makes the Democrat Party look more like a party out of touch with the American people. The Democrat Party needs to jump on the Trump train and support policies the American people voted for. Endless frivolous lawsuits and needless investigations and pointless impeachment efforts against Trump are impeding progress in America.

The efforts to impeach Trump actually hurt the Democrat Party more than anyone else.

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