Will the House Impeach Trump in 2019?

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Will the House Impeach Trump Next Year?

Several Democrats have mentioned that the House will likely impeach Trump after the November elections if the Democrats gain a majority in the House. Rep. Al Green,  a Texas Democrat, recently told C-SPAN that even a Republican member of the House was “strongly considering” voting for impeachment.

Is this idle talk? Is this wishful thinking on the part of radical leftists? Are the Democrats just plain delusional?

Reality and President Trump

It makes no sense for the House to impeach Trump. The reality is that he is a popular president who is gaining popularity with the American people because he is fulfilling his campaign promises and he is overseeing a booming economy. The booming economy is due to his efforts to cut taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations, and negotiate better trade deals with other nations. He has also followed through on promises to appoint judges that follow the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

The reality is that the so-called Trump campaign – Russian collusion appears to have never existed. It might have been a deep state attempt to nullify the results of a presidential election that members of the establishment elite didn’t want to accept. It might still be an attempt to impeach a popular president who didn’t fit into the swamp, someone who challenges the swamp.

The reality is that Trump had every right to fire an incompetent James Comey, a task the even Rod Rosenstein recommended the president do. Comey appears to have been at the very least inept at investigating Hillary Clinton and then exonerating her. That’s a task that should have been decided by prosecutors.

Republicans Will Maintain Control of the House

Since last year when the Democrats were touting a blue wave, I have predicted that the Republicans will maintain control of the House. The Republicans are building momentum to hold the House. Even generic polls are showing the momentum shift.

The Republicans will maintain control of both the House and Senate.

The Democrats will not impeach Trump.

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