Trump’s Response to Hurricane Harvey

How Well Did President Trump Respond to Hurricane Harvey?

Hurricane Harvey is Trump’s first major natural disaster since taking office. How well did he prepare for the disaster? How well did his administration prepare for it? As the devastation took place, how well did President Trump respond to it? Was his visit to Texas on Tuesday appropriate? Or, did he get in the way of response efforts?

Let’s rate President Trump’s response to his first natural disaster now …

How Well Did President Trump Prepare for Hurricane Harvey?

Trump wasted no time preparing his administration for dealing with a potential devastating hurricane. On Wednesday, August 23rd, he ordered Federal aid be made available to supplement both state and local resources. On Friday, August 25th, President Trump signed a Disaster Proclamation that allowed the full array of Federal disaster resources to come into play. Trump acted quickly when requested by Gov. Greg Abbott.

How Well Did the Trump Administration Prepare for Hurricane Harvey?

Following Trump’s call for preparations and his Disaster Proclamation, resources were made available to assist states and local authorities deal with Hurricane Harvey. Here are just a few examples:

  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the activation of their Surge Capacity Force (SCF) that would supplement the already 8,500 Federal employees already deployed.
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will have medical care for those rescued at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston “on-site through a 250-bed Federal Medical Station.” According to HHS, “The Federal Medical Station at the convention center will be staffed by members of HHS’ National Disaster Medical System and U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.” HHS has 500 staff on the ground and 1,350 on stand-by should additional personnel be needed. [Source: ]

How Did the Media Report on Trump’s Response?

As you might guess, the old mainstream media focused their stories on criticisms of Trump. As an example, NBC reported:

President Trump will visit the Corpus Christi area tomorrow despite critics concerns it’s too soon for a presidential visit,

implying the Trump visit might actually get in the way of rescue efforts. [Source: ]

Others in the old mainstream media criticized Melania Trump for wearing high heel shoes on her way out of The White House. They also indicated Trump’s trip to Texas was for politically selfish reasons. [Source: ]

Bottom line, the old mainstream media seems to be constantly attacking Trump regardless of what he says or does.

Was President Trump’s Visit to Texas Appropriate?

Yes, it appears to have boosted morale of the people on the ground, created touch points between top state and local officials with the Federal government, and focused the nation’s resources and efforts on helping victims of the disaster.

Also, President Trump stayed away from areas with on-going extensive rescue and relief operations, thereby addressing any possibility that the trip hindered those providing services to victims.

What Grade Does President Trump Earn on this Natural Disaster?

Thus far, it appears President Trump and his administration get an A+ on major natural disaster assistance.

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