Why Trump Will Win Many Hispanic Voters with His Immigration and Economic Policies?

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The Values of Many Hispanic Voters Actually Align Closely to Trump’s Policies

It might surprise some presidential election watchers, but Trump’s immigration and economic policies align closely to many Hispanic voters needs and views. Why do Hispanic voters align well with Trump’s immigration policies? Why do his economic policies also resonate with Hispanic voters. Let’s look at the Hispanic voting numbers from some more recent presidential elections. Plus, let’s look at the reasons for these critical alignments on issues right now.

It might turn out that Hispanic voters can be the critical element in a solid Trump victory in November.

One other important point. Trump’s policies are in sharp contrast with the usual establishment Republican views.  Trump is helping to engineer the political party realignment I predicted in my 2016 book: Great News for America. It’s fascinating to watch history in the making.

Why are Trump’s Economic Policies Resonating with Hispanic Voters?

Surprise! Hispanic voters care about their checking accounts and wallets, just like most other Americans.

Hispanic voters understand that the Obama administration’s spending on shovel-ready jobs hasn’t worked for them. Many think Trump offers them a different approach. The author of “The Art of the Deal” ought to be able to negotiate trade deals with other countries better and in such a way that more jobs will return to America.  Just as most Americans sense America is on the wrong track and our economic situation is anemic, many Hispanics are open to giving Trump a fresh chance.

It almost goes without saying that Trump’s major tax cut plan will cut taxes dramatically for many Americans, will spur on the economy and GDP, and will boost the quantity and quality of jobs in a major way.

Why are Trump’s Immigration Policies in Alignment with Hispanic Voters?

Hispanic voters also sense that illegal immigration is a source of low-wage, job competition. Cesar Chavez, well known labor advocate, knew early in his work that illegal immigrants would hurt Hispanics already in the U. S. Interestingly, many Hispanic voters view Trump’s immigration policies as an extension of his economic policies. They believe these policies will boost the number of jobs and the level of wages.

How have Hispanic Voters Supported Republicans in More Recent Presidential Elections?

  • 1980 – 37% – Ronald Reagan
  • 1984 – 34% – Ronald Reagan
  • 1988 – 30% – George H. W. Bush
  • 1992 – 25% – George H. W. Bush
  • 1996 – 21% – Robert Dole
  • 2000 – 35% – George W. Bush
  • 2004 – 40% – George W. Bush
  • 2008 – 31% – John McCain
  • 2012 – 27% – Mitt Romney


Note how immigration and economic policies factored into the above results.  Bush 43 ignored so-called “immigration reform” and the economy was good, due in part to his tax policies. Hispanics voted for Bush 43 in large numbers.  Recall in contrast, McCain supported amnesty. On the other hand, while often sounding as if he opposed amnesty and sanctuary cities, a closer look at Romney’s record indicates his “immigration reform” stands were similar to McCain. Hispanic voters gave him the second lowest percentage support of the examples listed above.

Trump’s policies are in tune historically and today with Hispanic voters.

Other Reasons that Hispanic Voters Will Support Trump

  1. Hispanics hold traditional family values. Trump supports traditional Hispanic family values.
  2. Hispanics also make up a significant percentage of the veteran population. Trump’s strong support for veterans also aligns closely to Hispanic voters’ views in this area of voter concern.

Where Does Trump Stand Today with Hispanic Voters? How about on Election Day?

According to the latest LA Times/USC tracking poll, Trump currently has about 36%. After his immigration policy is released this week, it will likely trend upward (slowly and steadily). My Election Day forecast (as of today) is 43%.  My forecast can change, of course, depending on many factors.

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