Freedom of Speech – Do Americans Still Have It?

Do You Have of Freedom of Speech or Are You Afraid of Offending Someone? 

Do you have Freedom of Speech and do you feel free to speak your mind in America today? Or, are you afraid of offending someone – your boss, your co-workers, your friends, your neighbors, or others?

According to the Cato Institute:

“A new Cato national survey finds that self‐​censorship is on the rise in the United States. Nearly two-thirds—62%—of Americans say the political climate these days prevents them from saying things they believe because others might find them offensive.”

Without Freedom of Speech, How Can We Find the Best Solutions to Our Problems?

For conservatives, this self-censorship of their opinions is even higher. In fact, 77% of conservatives do not feel free to speak their minds. This is a serious problem for a nation that has always valued freedom and our Bill of Rights.

How can we find the best solutions to problems, if we are not able to freely debate and discuss all points of views and all potential solutions.

Even more shocking, 50% of so-called “strong liberals” believe that if a business executive has donated to Trump that person should be fired.

Also, 40% of Republicans with college degrees and 60% of Republicans with post-graduate level college are worried that their political views might harm them at work. In comparison, only 24% of Democrats with college degrees and only 25% of Democrats with post-grad college are worried that their political views might harm them at work.

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The First Amendment to the Constitution Protects Our Freedom of Speech

The First Amendment clearly states: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.”

With America’s strong history of the First Amendment and our Freedom of Speech, why have we lost some of our Freedom of Speech?

Socialist Thinking Has Impacted Our Freedom of Speech

Clearly, no government law has been passed that says if you are a conservative, you should be fired from your job. That would be wrong!

But, socialists don’t permit people to disagree with them. They have a long history – more than a 100 year long history – of not debating issues, but rather, attacking their opponents. Ad hominem attacks on their opponents is their usual mode of operation. They call people names like Nazi’s, racists, misogynists, homophobes, etc.

On social media today, many Left wing Twitter and Facebook followers attack conservatives for their views. But, it has even gotten worse than that.

Socialists within High Tech Companies Appear to have Decided to Censor Conservatives and Conservative Ideas

As many people realize, there is a political debate over whether or not to continue to shut down States over the Covid 19 virus pandemic. Blue State governors seem to lean toward longer and more stringent shutdowns, while conservatives appear to favor people being free to go about their normal lives without government intervention.

High tech companies appear to be following socialist thinking and censoring conservative views on the Covid 19 issues. For example, in April, Facebook decided to ban the use of its platform to engage in anti-lockdown protests. In a similar manner, Twitter was updating its “acceptable speech” policies during the pandemic.

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A more flagrant example is social media’s recent censorship of a group of doctors’ press conference citing their views on the coronavirus and the medical response to the pandemic. Their views didn’t fit the usual socialist narrative about the virus and their video was censored and removed. Their free speech was infringed upon by these social media corporations – Facebook, YouTube (owned by Google), and Twitter.

Note that the reference to this article and the actual video can be seen in the link below.

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Can Social Media Be Sued for Medical Malpractice over their Censorship of Doctors?

On-air on July 30th, Rush Limbaugh asked the question: Can social media be sued for medical malpractice since they have decided to censor doctors. The point was originally made by Adam Mill in an online article in American Greatness.

Adam Mill states:

“According to Breitbart, Facebook justified censoring these doctors as follows, “We’ve removed this video for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19,” Youtube and Twitter followed suit for alleged violations of the platforms’ “COVID-19 policies.””

Adam Mills goes on to say:

“Social media censorship of medical opinions is far more dangerous than the usual censorship of conservative political opinion. By censoring doctors, they’re offering their own medical opinion to the public—that these cures won’t work—and suggesting that it’s “dangerous” to let patients (or other doctors!) hear the advice.” 

Have Google, Facebook, and Twitter, hired qualified medical doctors to review user’s opinions? Are they offering qualified medical opinions by promoting some medical advice and censoring other medical opinions? Can they be sued for malpractice if a Covid 19 patient dies after following their medical advice?

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These social media giants are pushing Americans to demand that they be regulated.

Americans have Constitutionally-Protected Freedom of Speech

No American should feel afraid to express their political viewpoints at work or anywhere else. Employers that fire people for their political views should be sued for political discrimination. If necessary, legislation needs to be written to protect America’s Freedom of Speech.

Social media giants (and monopolies) are essentially utilities acting in the public interest. They should be regulated and required to be free of censorship.

Can an Electric Utility Company Chose Not to Sell Electricity to Conservatives?

Can you image an electric utility company chosing not to sell conservatives electricity because of their political views? Of course, not!

YouTube (owned by Google), Facebook, and Twitter need to have their politically-motivated, socialist censorship end now.

Americans expect and want Freedom of Speech.

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