Forensic Election Audit in Arizona – What Happens if Trump Won?

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A controversial 2020 Presidential Election Forensic Election Audit is now taking place in Arizona. In addition,  With 47% of Arizona’s population questioning the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, it makes sense to check the results. Of course, those who support Biden are arguing that an audit is not needed. [1]

Note that a “forensic” election audit is more than just a recount. It involves scientific analysis of the ballots and counting processes to see if the original ballots were real or manufactured imitations, if the ballots were creased in the right places, if markings were done by, for example, the wrong type of writing instrument, along with other signs of fraud. Also, counting processes and procedures are verified and chain of custody issues are analyzed, as well as voting machine tampering questions. A forensic election audit again is more comprehensive than simply recounting some or all ballots.

Americans need to be confident in its election results to support the policies and programs of the a new Biden-Harris administration. Helping to fuel the strong doubts about the declared victory is the fact that most Americans seem to be at odds with his policies. For example, most Americans still want lower taxes and less government [2]. The Biden administration is seeking more taxes and more government, as it drags Americans toward their unwanted socialism and Marxism.

Biden’s Hidden Tax on All Americans – Inflation – Helps Trigger Forensic Election Audit

Another example of a disconnect between the American people and the Biden-Harris administration is in the area of energy independence. Most Americans supported the benefits of low gasoline prices at their neighborhood gas station. Under President Trump’s policies and our energy independence in December 2020, gas prices at the pump were as low as $2.14 per gallon on average nationally. Currently, under Biden’s energy policies, average gas prices have jumped to about $3.08 per gallon. [5] Plus, it appears that gas prices might jump another 7 – 8% by August, raising gas prices to nearly $3.40 per gallon. [6]

With the Biden inflation policies running at an annualized rate now of about 8% to 12%, the hidden tax of inflation continues upward with unrelenting momentum. All Americans pay the price of staggering inflation in food, housing, energy, health and other higher costs.

Because many Americans do not support the Biden-Harris administration’s far Left policies, many question how he was ever elected.

Arizona Forensic Election Audit – A Model for Other States

The Arizona forensic election audit has been visited by representatives of at least 13 States, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Colorado and Alaska. [3] The Michigan State Senate apparently is watching the Forensic Election Audit in Arizona carefully too. [4] Election integrity in the 2020 election results in Michigan is still an issue and might ultimately cause Michigan to trigger its own audit.

Other States are poised to start a Forensic Election Audit of their own.

What Happens if the Audits Show that President Trump Won the 2020 Election, not Biden?

The results can be broken into two parts: (1) the simple obvious results, and (2) the big surprising results. Here are those potential results, if election fraud is found by the State audits:

  • Actual election fraud evidence will likely be turned over to law enforcement for criminal indictments
  • State Legislatures will amend their election laws to prevent future voter fraud as best as they can
  • Both the U. S. House and Senate will flip to more conservative Republican control in 2022 – looks highly probable even in today’s forecast without the audit results
  • With the 2020 election audit showing clear fraud, Americans will demand action to undo the fraud
  • Obviously, stealing a Presidential Election is a “High Crime and Misdemeanor,” the Republican House would impeach Harris and Biden (in that specific order)
  • The Senate would vote to convict both of them based on the uproar over the stolen election – their terrible, out-of-touch, policies won’t help them survive their trials either – Americans don’t want a dishonest President who has a terrible track record as President
  • The Republican Speaker of the House would become President
  • In 2024, a Conservative Republican would be elected President

If Trump Won the Election, Another Scenario

Another plausible scenario if Trump is found to have won the election scientifically based on forensic election audits in the various States whose results are in question is the process of reinstatement.

Simply put, reinstatement means that under the Constitution’s Article II along with the 10th and 12th Amendments, the States with incorrect results would rename a corrected slate of Presidential Electors to the Electoral College. Nothing in the Constitution appears to prevent such a reinstatement from taking place.

Reinstatement would likely trigger a Supreme Court battle that ultimately could result in President Trump replacing Biden as president immediately following the Supreme Court decision. [7]   

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