Is it Time for a Special Counsel to Investigate the FBI?

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Is It Finally Time for a Special Counsel to Investigate the FBI?

Text messages between two FBI employees (who were also romantically involved), Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, were revealed Monday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. There were about 50,000 text messages between the two FBI employees. Plus, apparently a batch of text messages were missing during an important 5-month period of time from December 14, 2016 to May 17, 2017.

These text messages, rather than clear up issues, raise additional issues about the potential involvement of the FBI and the Obama administration in reacting to the election of Trump.

What New Issues Do these FBI Text Messages Raise?

  1. One text said: “Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society”
    • What “secret society?”
  2. Missing texts: Five months of missing text messages from during the Trump transition period through the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel
    • More missing messages –
      • Just like Clinton’s missing email messages from her home server
      • Just like Clinton’s missing State Department messages
      • Just like Lois Lerner’s missing messages at the IRS
    • So many missing messages — Are they all one big coincidence?
    • Is this “Destruction of Evidence?”
    • Is this “Obstruction of Congressional Oversight?”
  3. Text – About not keeping texts – Does this text help explain the 5 months of missing texts?
  4. Message – Potential contradiction of former FBI Director Comey statements that the Clinton exoneration was not done until after her interview
  5. Message – Strzok and Page – Did they know about the Clinton exoneration before it took place?
  6. Who had authority to speak to the media on behalf of the FBI?
  7. Message – About not going too hard on Clinton because she might be elected president?
  8. Letter from Sen. Grassley to FBI Director Chris Wray – Strzok and Page appear to have communicated Federal records on Clinton investigation on private, non-government services
  9. Did Strzok and Page go easy on Clinton in part because they were doing the same thing – government records on private, non-government services

What Issues are Already in Question with FBI Employees?

  1. Message: “insurance policy” – What is the “insurance policy” they discussed?
  2. Message: “Andy” – Was Andy McGabe involved?
  3. Clinton campaign and DNC payments of $9 M or more to Fusion GPS funneled through a law firm for “Trump Dossier” – Was campaign expense correctly reported?
  4. Fusion GPS unverified acceptance of Christopher Steele’s report
  5. Bruce Ohr apparently unreported meetings with both Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele
  6. Bruce Ohr’s wife working for Fusion GPS and apparently paid to work on Trump Dossier
  7. FBI prior involvement with Christopher Steele
  8. Did FBI pay Christopher Steele for any work related to Trump Dossier?
  9. Who gave Trump Dossier to FBI?  When?  Was it John McCain’s associate, David Kramer, senior fellow of the McCain Institute?
  10. Potential use of Trump Dossier to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign
  11. Apparent unmasking of many Americans – Was it done by Obama administration officials? How many Americans were unmasked?
  12. Potential involvement of Obama administration in Trump campaign to possibly assist Clinton campaign
  13. Comey and Muller and others’ potential involvement in Uranium One deal to give Russia 20% of American uranium supplies
  14. Overlap of FBI employees in Clinton Russian Uranium One investigation, Clinton email investigation, and in Trump Russion collusion investigation
  15. Why was Clinton not put under oath for questioning?

What Needs to be Done to Clear Up All these Issues with the FBI?

Clearly, we need a second special counsel to investigate the FBI, the Obama administration, and whether or not they colluded to influence an American presidential election or thwart the winner of an American presidential election.

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