How Do We Drain the Swamp?

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It’s Time to Drain the Swamp – Meddling vs Collusion

First, let’s distinguish between the two lines of debate going on about the swamp and the 2016 presidential election. These two lines of discussion and inquiry are about meddling and collusion. They are often confused and merged together, probably on purpose by many on the Left.

Meddling is something that happens frequently. It’s when one country interferes to a greater or lesser extent in the elections of another country. Obama famously interfered with the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Israeli parliamentary elections. See Note 1 below.

Meddling obviously was attempted in the 2016 presidential election timeframe. Russia was likely one source of meddling that is known.

Collusion is quite another thing altogether. Collusion is two or more parties coming together to affect a result. The Special Counsel investigation was ostensibly to investigate whether or not the Trump campaign (or someone in the Trump campaign) colluded with members of the Russian government to impact the results of the 2016 presidential election. After months of investigation by the Mueller team, there still appear to be no facts of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

It’s worth noting that the 12 Russian indictments are being handled outside the Muller investigation. There is  no collusion alleged with them.

The only collusion between a presidential campaign and the Russians appears to be between both the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee and their purchase of an opposition research document called the Trump dossier from Fusion GPS. The money trail went from the Clinton campaign and the DNC to a law firm, to Fusion GPS, to Christopher Steele, a former MI6 British spy expert on Russia, and ultimately to Steele’s contacts in Russia. Note, importantly, the Trump dossier was never corroborated.

Incidentally, we don’t know if the Mueller team ever investigated the potential Clinton campaign – Russian government collusion.

It appears that the Left wants to conflate routine (albeit inappropriate and annoying) meddling with collusion as part of their on-going attack on Trump and his presidency.

Why Were the 12 Russian Indictments on Meddling Released Right Before the Trump-Putin Summit?

Probably, to either impact the Trump-Putin Summit in some way, or to conflate the Russian meddling with Left’s meme of alleged Trump campaign collusion with Russia. It’s difficult to think the timing is a mere coincidence. The indictments did not appear to be urgent for any reason.

While our intelligence agencies agreed there was Russian meddling, it’s understandable that many people including Trump might have believed that it was more disingenuous activities on the part of the DOJ and the intelligence community. After all, there is a building body of evidence that some top DOJ and FBI officials, winked at the apparent misdeeds of Clinton and her staff during the presidential election campaign, and pursued an investigation of Trump for no real crimes and with no real evidence.

Meddling is not collusion. Routine Russian meddling, even though obviously inept and ineffective, is not Trump campaign – Russian collusion.

How Do We Move Forward and Drain the Swamp?

  • It’s time to DRAIN THE SWAMP.
  • It’s time to GET ALL THE FACTS.
  • It’s time to EXPOSE THOSE THAT MIGHT HAVE VIOLATED THE LAW in order to help elect Hillary Clinton, to help defeat Donald Trump, and/or to damage and destroy the Trump administration.

IT’S TIME FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP to order the DOJ, the FBI, and all executive branch agencies to provide the appropriate Congressional oversight committees with all subpoenaed documents and all required information necessary for them to complete the thorough and entire investigation of this convoluted period in American history. In those few and rare instances where American national security might be at risk, only the committee leaders in both parties might be given that information. But, redaction can not be used simply to protect those potentially guilty of crimes or embarassment, for their alleged deeds.

This needs to happen soon. The American people are entitled to know the truth.


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