Differences between American Capitalism and Socialism

Differences – A Summary of American Capitalism vs. Socialism

American Capitalism is about faith and morality.  Socialism is about atheism and immorality.

American Capitalism is about freedom and peace.  Socialism is about control and violence.

American Capitalism is about free markets and prosperity.  Socialism is about economic inefficiency and poverty.

American Capitalism is about family and trust.  Socialism is about groups of “victims” and distrust.

American Capitalism is about spiritual and material human growth.  Socialism is about moral decay and social disintegration.

Differences – More about American Capitalism

Describing American Capitalism begins with faith in God.  Faith in God empowers the rest of our American Civilization.  For atheists and agnostics that don’t believe in God, it might seem a bit awkward and uncomfortable.  But, our American Civilization rests firmly upon and is based solidly on faith in God.  Indeed, the Christian Church’s faith in God is at the core of American Capitalism, despite all the arguments to the contrary.

American Capitalism is also about freedom and the peace that springs forth from freedom.  Certainly, American Capitalism includes religious freedom, political freedom, and economic freedom.  These freedoms also imply and include intellectual freedom, a type of freedom not all people choose to use.  Philosophers, thinkers, and scientists value it, of course.  Others use it as they wish.  American Capitalism encompasses intellectual freedom as well.

What might not be so obvious, however, is that freedom is a component of love and is a necessary condition for peace.  Freedom is a component of love because it fosters genuine acceptance of people.  Freedom is acceptance of other people, their differences, their decisions, their actions, and their lifestyles.  Freedom allows people to be themselves.

God, the Author of Liberty, has given mankind freedom and free will.  Men and women can accept or deny God.  They can sin or not sin.  They can work hard or slack off.  They can be generous or greedy.  They can be kind or mean.  God chooses to love us despite our choices, our imperfections, and our sins.  He is always willing to forgive our mistakes and our sins.

When people live in freedom, when people permit others to live in freedom, and when people accept other people’s choices, the result is peace.  This principle applies to nations as well.  When nations live in freedom, when nations permit other nations to live in freedom, and when nations accept other nation’s choices, the result is also peace.

Freedom, love and peace all go hand-in-hand.  If we want to be have more peace in the world, we simply need more love and more freedom in the world.

American Capitalism is also about free markets and the prosperity they create.  Our tremendous prosperity is the result of religious freedom, political freedom, and economic freedom.  It rests squarely on our Christian foundations.

Differences – For More Information

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