Democrats Grasping for Straws

The Democrats are Grasping for Straws

Manafort and Cohen’s legal troubles this week illustrate once again that the Democrats are grasping for straws. The Democrats want to take down President Trump. They want to impeach him. Manafort and Cohen’s legal troubles seem to have excited interest among partisans on the Left.

In reality, Manafort and Cohen’s legal troubles are two more straws that will fade into oblivion, just as some other attempts to take down Trump have also consistently failed.

The Democrats are Making a Big Political Mistake

While the Democrats are grasping for straws to impeach Trump, the American people have very little interest in the entire Mueller investigation and related “Resistance” efforts of the Left. Instead, the American voters want to see the immigration problems fixed including building a wall. The American voters want to see the economy continue to grow. GDP growth is currently 4.1% and one forecast is that GDP growth in the current quarter will skyrocket up to 5%. Wow!!

The Left is Assuring that Republicans will Retain Control of the House and Senate

As I have been saying for months, there is no Blue Wave coming in November. In fact, there is no Blue Ripple and there is no Blue Drip either. It’s going to be a Conservative Wave with a more conservative House controlled by the Republicans and a more conservative Senate, also controlled by the Republican Party.

Both the House and Senate will be pro-conservative and pro-Trump. It will also be pro-freedom and pro-Constitution.

The Democrats are Assuring their Continued Political Defeat

Too bad the Democratic Party doesn’t listen to the American electorate and the will of the American people.