Democrats Strategy to Defeat Trump

Democrats Strategy – Part I: Attack, Investigate, and Blanket the Fake News with Empty Innuendoes

With the Mueller investigation apparently wrapping up in the near future and with no evidence found of Trump campaign – Russian collusion, the Democrats strategy to defeat Trump in 2020 seems to be changing dramatically.

The Democrats strategy now appears to be following the old cliche: throw enough mud at the wall and some will stick. The House Judiciary Committee under Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler, sent letters requesting documents to 81 different organizations, agencies, and individuals in an attempt to find information that will hurt President Trump. All together, up to eight different House committees might investigate the president – all to defeat him or lower his high approval ratings.

Some Democrats are hoping to impeach President Trump with their investigations; others would be satisfied to tarnish his reputation among voters and contribute to defeating him in 2020.

Expect the Next 20 Months to be Filled with Fake News, Empty Innuendoes, and Blockbuster Stories that Turn out to be False

The Democrats strategy will likely include fake news stories about potential obstruction of justice, corruption, abuse of power, Trump family members receiving favoritism, additional alleged Trump affairs with women, and alleged misdeeds done under Trump’s direction.

Don’t expect any hard data. Don’t expect sources in many stories. Don’t expect to be able to verify any facts.

Don’t expect good journalism or fairness in reporting.

Do expect a constant stream of fake news. Do expect at least one so-called “blockbuster” story per week for the next 20 months. Do expect some sanctimonious Republicans and timid Republicans to lack robust support for the president in his re-election campaign.

Do expect Democrats to call for Trump’s resignation, or impeachment, or re-election defeat.

Democrats Strategy – Part II: Socialism and the Free Lunch Strategy

While attacking President Trump for the next 20 months, the Democrats strategy seems to include attempting to seduce many voting groups with socialism and their free lunch strategy. Expect to hear a lot about:

  • Free Medicare-for-All
  • Free Universal Pre-Kindergarten for All
  • Free Early Childcare for All
  • Free College Tuition for All
  • Free Universal Income for All (regardless of working or not)
  • Free Vacations for All (regardless of working or not)
  • Free Leaves of Absences for All Key Life Events
  • Free Reparations for All Impacted by Slavery over the last 400 years
  • Free Nutritional Breakfasts and Lunches for All
  • Free High Speed Transit for All