A Quick Guide to the DC Swamp

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With the FISA Memo and All the Finger-Pointing, What’s going on in the DC Swamp Now?

  • The FISA Memo, the Schiff Memo, all the other potential new memos, finger-pointing galore, and rhetoric over the top, what’s really going on in the Washington DC swamp right now?
  • Are the Democrats trying to protect Clinton’s potentially criminal activity?
  • Are the Democrats trying to protect Obama and the politicization of his administration?
  • Are the Democrats trying to protect the Obama FBI, the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ), the Obama State Department, and the Obama IRS?
  • Are the DOJ and FBI trying to protect themselves from their potentially illegal efforts to exonerate Clinton and to cause trouble for presidential candidate Trump and then, president-elect Trump?
  • Have the DOJ and FBI been stonewalling Congress to protect their potentially illegal deeds?
  • Did the DOJ and the FBI lie to a FISA Court judge to get a search warrant to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign?
  • Are the Republicans trying to shut down the Mueller investigation?
  • What’s going on in the DC swamp?

A Quick and Simple Washington DC Swamp Guide for American Citizens

  • Potential Corruption Scandal #1 – Clinton campaign and DNC spend millions of dollars to produce a Trump Dossier – unverified allegations against presidential candidate Trump
    • Money funneled through Perkins-Coie (law firm) to Fusion GPS (opp research firm) to Christopher Steele (former British spy) – potential FEC violation
    • Clinton associate apparently gave Steele unverified allegations against presidential candidate Trump to put in the Trump Dossier
    • FBI might have also paid Steele for his efforts
    • Bruce Ohr (former Associate Deputy Attorney General) had apparently unreported meetings with Fusion GPS and Steele
    • Nellie Ohr (wife of Bruce Ohr) apparently paid by Fusion GPS to help write Trump Dossier
  • Potential Corruption Scandal #2 – DOJ and FBI apparently write FISA Warrant Application to spy on Trump campaign and its officials without telling the Court it was political dirt rather than a valid intelligence document
    • DOJ and FBI apparently approve and sign off on FISA Warrant Application and present to a FISA judge on at least 4 occasions – potential Contempt of Court or crime to give false information to a Court to get an illegal search warrant (in this case on a presidential campaign)
    • FISA Court apparently would not have given search warrant without Trump Dossier
  • Potential Corruption Scandal #3 – DOJ and FBI apparently worked hard to exonerate Clinton from numerous potential crimes
    • Apparent Clinton Uranium One Russian Deal
    • Apparent Clinton Top Secret, Top Secret SAP, and Classified Records stored on a private server
    • Apparent Clinton loss of 33,000 emails
    • Apparent Clinton destruction of evidence (apparent destruction of devices)
    • Apparent Clinton questioning not done under oath
    • Apparent Clinton missing State Department records
    • Apparent Clinton pay-to-play for State Department meetings for Clinton Foundation donations
  • Potential Corruption Scandal #4 – DOJ and FBI apparently sought to interfere with an American presidential election by spying on Trump, exonerating Clinton, and creating an “insurance policy” just in case Trump won the election
    • Apparently FBI employees discussed a “secret society”
    • Apparently FBI employees discussed destroying text messages to hide their conversations
    • Apparently Obama administration requested and obtained a very large of number of “unmaskings” that might have been for political purposes, not national security reasons

Expect More to Come

It seems like every week we learn more and more about potential corruption.  Expect more to come as the Washington DC swamp is drained.

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