CPAC Takes on Socialism

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CPAC Takes on Socialism and Its Devastating Effects on a Nation

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, is going on in Maryland, near Washington, DC the last week in February. It is probably both the largest and most important conference of conservative activists and politicians in the world today. Not surprisingly, CPAC has decided to take on socialism in many of its sessions this year.

As I predicted last year and I have mentioned in the media this year, socialism is the #1 issue of the 2020 presidential election. President Trump has signaled that America will never become a socialist nation. Senator Bernie Sanders, his likely opponent, has indicated he is a socialist and his policy proposals and plans are clearly socialist.

CPAC has picked up on socialism and its vital importance to America and our future viability as a free nation and is focusing on the issue of socialism.

CPAC Discusses Socialism as the Wrecker of Nations and Destroyer of Societies

In one session, hosted by K.T. McFarland, author and former Deputy National Security Adviser:

  • Rep. Liz Cheney (WY – CD At-Large) discusses “Socialism Destroys Security”
  • Rep. Roger Williams (TX – CD 25) discusses “Socialism Destroys the Economy”
  • Mercedes Schlapp, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. discusses “Socialism Destroys Humanity”

Prescription for Failure – The Ills of Socialized Medicine

In another session, five speakers deal with the serious problems and pitfalls of socialized medicine which goes by a variety of names, such as Medicare for All, and Single Payer. Of course, socialized medicine by any name might offer everyone “health insurance” but that does not mean it offers everyone “health care.”

Instead, Medicare for All will likely result in shortages of health care services, prescriptions, and procedures; long waiting lines; and rationing of health care. That’s what has happened in other countries with socialized medicine. It will also mean medical innovations will grind to near zero and you can expect a shortage of doctors, surgeons, and specialists.

CPAC Discusses Stopping Socialism – Exposing and Defeating the Socialist Plot to Hijack America

The Heartland Institute is sponsoring this session on the attempts by socialists to radically transform America from a free Constitutional Republic into a socialist country run by a powerful government that limits individual freedom.

Protecting Our Freedom

Other sessions related to the attack on America and its freedom by socialists and their socialist policies deal with:

  • Attacks on our Freedom of Speech
  • Attacks on our Freedom of Religion
  • Attacks on our Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms (The Second Amendment)
  • Attacks on our Sovereign Border with Illegal Immigration

In summary, CPAC is engaged in the #1 Issue of the 2020 presidential election – socialism.

Learn More About Socialism and Its Close Cousin Communism in Dr. Lameiro’s New Book – “Real World Socialism”

Many candidates this year are pushing socialist policies and outright socialism for America. President Trump said America will never be a socialist nation! The debate for the future of America – freedom and capitalism vs. socialism – has begun. The Trump vs Sanders presidential race will be the centerpiece of this historic debate.

In contrast to candidates who are pushing for socialism, conservatives in stark contrast are defending our Constitution, the Rule of Law, freedom, morality, peace and prosperity.

Real World Socialism is a comprehensive, tour de force of the history of socialism, including the many variations and names it has taken on over the centuries, as well as how socialism has failed miserably in both theory and practice. It also highlights the reasons socialists argue for socialist planning and policies, and why those arguments collapse in the real world. Real World Socialism also presents the main powerful reasons why freedom, free markets, and capitalism are far superior to socialism.

Real World Socialism is a perfect gift for high school and college students that have to put up with Marxist and socialist teachers and professors attempting to indoctrinate them with socialist and communist ideas.

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