Covid Battle – Freedom vs. Socialism?

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Covid Battle – Will America Remain Free or Move Toward Socialism?

There has been a dramatic shift in the Covid Battle. Originally, the Covid Battle took the form of shutting down America to prevent our hospitals from overflowing with Covid 19 patients. We were told to:

  • To stay home
  • To social distance – to stay 6 feet apart from others
  • To close businesses
  • To close schools, colleges and universities
  • To close down Church and Synogogue Services
  • To stop meeting in groups larger than 10 people
  • To stop sports activities
  • To stop attending stadiums and team sporting events like baseball

All in an attempt to prevents hospitals from overflowing with Covid 19 patients; all in an attempt from overflowing Intensive Care Units (ICUs); and all in an attempt not to run out of ventilators.

What happened?

We Prevented Hospitals from Overflowing – Yes!

By April 15th, the infection curves started peaking around the United States. With the exception of a few hot spots, like New York City, we prevented hospitals from overflowing and it was time to start re-opening America.

However, instead of re-opening America, the Covid Battle morphed into a new battle. It was no longer a battle to prevent hospitals from overflowing, it was a battle to keep America shut down. For how long?

Covid Battle – Socialists Want to Keep America Shut Down for Months or More!

Socialists realized that old adage “never let a crisis go to waste” could be used to help transform America into a socialist or even a communist country. Using the Covid 19 virus as an excuse, socialists could justify:

  • Curtailing Free Speech
  • Curtailing the Freedom to petition government to address grievances over their loss of Freedom from the shutdowns
  • Curtailing Freedom of Religion by limiting Church and Synagogue attendance
  • Curtailing Freedom of Association of groups larger than 10 people
  • Curtailing Freedom of Movement
  • In some cases, placing people under effective house arrest (“Stay at Home” orders)
  • Allowing criminals to go free, while threatening to jail lawful business owners with jail for opening their businesses

Socialists are Comfortable Tossing Our Bill of Rights out the Window

In fact, socialists could help transform America by maintaining a long, drawn out, draconian economic shutdown:

  • Making 40+ million Americans unemployed
  • Making millions of Americans dependent on $1200 so-called Economic Impact Payments
  • Trying to get a $2,000 on-going monthly payment program for all Americans (without needing to work)
  • Trying to impose the radical Green New Deal on Americans with devastating effects on the American Economy
  • Trying to eliminate our energy industry with the elimination of all fossil fuels
  • Trying to eliminate all cars and trucks that run on fossil fuel
  • Trying to eliminate our cattle industry with the elimination of all cows
  • Trying to eliminate hamburgers
  • Trying to eliminate jet travel

One impact of the Green New Deal is likely widespread food shortages and ultimately starvation for millions of people in America and around the world.

Covid Battle – Socialists Want to Transform America into a Socialist Country!

All of these adverse effects will make it easier for socialists to achieve their goal of transforming America into a socialist or communist country.

Indeed, the current shutdown of the American Economy will result in untold permanent economic hardship and emotional distress to millions of Americans. We can expect:

  • Increased number of Americans that are unemployed
  • Increased number of small businesses that go bankrupt
  • Increased number of restaurants that close up permanently
  • Increased number of mental and emotional illnesses
  • Increased number of suicides
  • Increased number of drug overdoses and deaths
  • Increased number of spousal and child abuse cases

America Needs to Re-Open Now!

The Covid Battle moved from preventing a virus from overwhelming our hospital system, to a battle between socialists that want to transform America into a socialist or a communist country, and conservatives that want America to retain its Freedom and capitalism.

To keep America free, moral, peaceful, and prosperous, to follow our Constitution, America needs to re-open now – not in July, not in August, not in September – and not in 2021 – BUT NOW!

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