After Covid 19, Will the Left Oppose Restarting America?

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Covid 19 Will Peak in the Next Few Weeks – What Will Happen Then?

Covid 19 according to the best predictive models will peak in the next few weeks. You will recall weeks ago, I predicted the peak would take place between April 15th and May 15th with 80% probability.

The Covid 19 peak means that the number of new cases per day will start declining as most seasonal flu virus infections do normally. Eventually, there will probably be no new cases on a given day.

The precise day that Covid 19 will peak is a function of many variables. We can expect it will vary somewhat from State to State, city to city, and county to county across America during the April 15th to May 15th time period when it will be peaking.

The real issue is not that we will beat the Covid 19 virus. America will beat the virus. The real question is: What will happen then?

Will the Covid 19 Virus Lead to the Socialism Virus?

As I have written over the last decade or so, there exists an on-going ideological war between the proponents of socialism and those who advocate keeping American freedom and capitalism. Clearly, the Left has been arguing for, and working toward, the fundamental transformation of America, from a Constitutional Republic that guarantees our individual liberties and freedom, into a socialist country.

I predicted in early 2019 that the top political issue in the 2020 presidential election would be socialism. Would America go along with the socialist Left (that sometimes refers to themselves as democratic socialists, an equivalent term) and choose socialism? Or, would America choose to stay with our Constitutional Republic, freedom and capitalism?

Will the Covid 19 virus lead to the socialism virus?

Is the Left Using Covid 19 to Further Its Goal of Transforming America into a Socialist Nation?

Clearly, before the Covid 19 virus, the socialist Left was losing the ideological debate to move America toward socialism. The 2016 presidential election was a critical and historic election signaling America’s decision to move in a conservative direction toward restoring the Founding Father’s Constitutional principles of:

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Press
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms
  • etc.

Prior to the current Covid 19 virus, some in the Left have openly wished to see the American Economy go into recession to help it beat President Trump and his reelection. Covid 19 has given it a chance to have the economy sink after three years of phenomenal economic growth.

But, Covid 19 has also given socialists the opportunity to tout its socialist ideas and flex its big government powers.

  • Consider the incredible curtailment of our personal liberties during this Covid 19 challenge. Talk Radio Host, Political Commentator and Columnist, Karen Kataline noted recently that of 19 Governors to issue initial “Stay at Home” orders, 15 were Democrats, possibly indicating their inclination to wield their powers over citizens. You can read Karen Kataline’s article at: .
  • Why didn’t these Governors give their citizens all the data and let them decide what steps to take for themselves individually? For example, high risk seniors might choose to stay home, while healthy and strong 30 year old young adults might have chosen to continue working on their jobs and working out in their health clubs.
  • What about the politicians who have threatened to shut down (even permanently!) Churches who fail to heed their orders to avoid getting together in groups for worship services?
  • What about the somewhat arbitrary choices of shutting down some businesses and not others? Are these decisions arbitrary? Has due process been followed? Would they hold up under Constitutional scrutiny?
  • How about restaurants? Couldn’t restaurants seat parties at every other table, rather than force many such establishments into near or actual bankruptcy?
  • What about the issue of releasing many prisoners from jail including habitual offenders to protect the prisoners from the Covid 19 virus, but placing the general public at risk of additional crimes? What about releasing prisoners at the same time that they are not arresting others for breaking the law? And, doing so, when they are closing gun stores in some States, preventing citizens from protecting themselves?
  • With Sanctuary States, Sanctuary cities, releasing prisoners, not arresting lawbreakers, is the Left working against the Rule of Law and normal law and order we all expect in America?

Will the Left Oppose President Trump When He Attempts to Restart the American Economy?

The big question is this: After the Covid 19 virus peaks and President Trump attempts to restart our damaged economy, will the Left oppose him to further damage the American Economy, further attempt to damage his chances for reelection, and further promote their long battle to transform America into a socialist nation?

America needs to be prepared for those on the Left that seek to transform America into a socialist country. America will win the ideological battle. America will continue to be a Constitutional Republic with freedom and capitalism.

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