Invite Dr. Lameiro to Consult with Your Company or Other Organization

Consulting Engagements on Business, Economic, and Forecast Models. Dr. Lameiro can consult with executives from corporations and small businesses on business, economic, and forecast models to help achieve (1) pragmatic insights, (2) solutions to tough challenges, and (3) strategic guidance for important business decisions.

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Dr. Lameiro has had the opportunity to work with literally thousands of C-Level and Board of Director Executives around the world.  He is the former Director for New Business Ventures worldwide for all of Hewlett-Packard (pre-split up) and is a former member of HP’s Strategy and Corporate Development team.

Dr. Lameiro’s career has spanned technology engineering, technology evaluation, new product development, global corporate strategy, venture start-up analysis, marketing analysis, investment analysis, business model design, economics, and economic growth policy.

Dr. Lameiro’s technical background includes: static, dynamic, and stochastic simulation models; differential equations; numerical analysis; linear algebra; optimization theory; advanced probability and statistical analysis; Markov processes, birth and death processes, epidemic processes, and other stochastic processes; scientific computing; financial models, economic models, business models, and forecast models.

Strategic deliverables can include:

  • Custom Development of Business Models
  • Custom Development of Economic Models
  • Custom Development of Forecast Models
  • Business Model Optimization Strategies
  • Innovation Monetization Strategies
  • New, Emerging, and Existing Market Strategies

Consulting engagements can consist of one or more days of in-person discussions, or in-office research and development for a specific model or strategy.  In some cases, a consulting engagement might consist of a longer term project (for example, one month, several months, or one year) depending on the client’s specific needs.

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Invite Dr. Lameiro to Consult with Your Political Campaign

Consulting Engagements on Political Election Forecast Models.  Dr. Lameiro can consult with political campaigns on political election forecast models.

Political election campaign forecast models can include –

  • Presidential Election Forecast Models – 56 Way Models (50 States, DC, 5 Congressional Districts in Maine and Nebraska) – Popular Vote and Electoral College Vote Forecasts
  • Congressional Election Forecast Models – Individual Senate and House Races (Do Not Offer Package of All 535 Congressional Races Together)

Consulting engagements consist of six bi-weekly reports emailed to clients on August 1st, August 16th, September 1st, September 16th, October 1st, and October 16th immediately preceding a presidential or Congressional election.

Consulting engagements for Presidential and Congressional Election Forecast Models should be scheduled at least three months in advance (May 1st) of the given election year in question.  Consulting engagement agreements need to be signed, and fees and travel expenses need to be paid, at least two months in advance (June 1st) of the given election year.  Otherwise, the consulting engagement will be released from the calendar.

For more information, to ask questions, to learn about current consulting engagement fees and possible travel expenses, and to check availability for forecast model engagements, please use the Contact button now.