We’re Proud to be Conservatives!

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Conservatives in the Old Anti-Constitutional Era that Just Ended

It’s time to be proud that we are conservatives, living in America, the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

With the constant onslaught of attacks made by the progressives, the socialists, the anarchists, the ultra left, and their comrades in the OLD Main Stream Media (OMSM), in far left Hollywood, and in the ivory towers in universities, many conservatives have chosen to sit still and be quiet. Often, they have self-censored their views.  Often, they have shut off their opinions, hidden their true values, and kept quiet rather than facing what they saw as the inevitable conflict they might have to deal with.

In the past, the ultra left have dominated America with their far left, anti-American rhetoric. The ultra left have stifled conservatives at every turn. The ultra left have tried to shut down all opposition to their failed theories, to their failed policies, and to their failed programs.

In the past, the ultra left have treated many conservatives with contempt and disdain. The ultra left have pontificated with a condescending attitude of arrogance and elitism. The ultra left have simply refused to tolerate any views other than their own ultra left positions.


The Obama-Clinton, Anti-Constitutional Era is Over!

The Obama administration was characterized by flaunting the Constitution. Clinton would have doubled down on those terrible policies and programs, further eroding the Constitution. Recall Obama said that all he needed was a pen and a cell phone. Well, guess what? Obama’s legacy that was created with a pen and a cell phone, his legacy that was created on a pile of Executive Orders, can now be erased just as easily with President Trump and his pen.

It’s possible that 80% or more of Obama’s legacy might be gone in the first year or two of President Trump’s new administration.

But, the election of a popular, conservative president is just part of the sea change we are seeing today. Remember these election results:

  • 2010 – Conservative election landslide in the House of Representatives
  • 2014 – Conservative election landslide in the United States Senate
  • 2008 to 2016 – Incredible, across the board, defeat of 1000+ Democrats including governors and State legislators
    • The least number of Democratic Party office holders since the 1920’s
  • 2016 – Trump/Pence victory
    • With a real possibility to remake the Supreme Court into a Conservative Super Majority until the year 2050 and beyond
    • With a real possibility to remake the Federal judiciary with 100+ Federal court appointments that are vacant
  • 2018 – The next Conservative election landslide in the United States Senate will likely take place in 2018
    • Democrats must defend 25 seats in the Senate – 23 Democrats and 2 Independents that caucus with the Democrats
    • Republicans will likely get a 60+ vote majority in the Senate

From the White House to the County Court House, conservatives are in charge for probably two generations.

The old Obama-Clinton, Anti-Constitutional Era is over!

The New American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era is Here!

As I described in my newest book, Great News for America, America has witnessed 7 American Constitutional Era’s. The newest era is here. It’s the Conservative Era. It will be characterized by:

  • A new emphasis on preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution
  • A new emphasis on promoting Equality under the Rule of Law – no more special treatment for the politically well connected
  • Cutting red tape, bureaucracy, and stifling government regulations
  • Cutting wasteful spending – Trump intends to do just that, starting with the new Air Force One
  • Cutting burdensome taxes on individuals and businesses
  • A fast growing economy with more jobs, better jobs, and higher paying jobs
  • An approximate 4% GDP growth rate
  • A return to prosperity for all Americans
  • A stronger military and an end to the terrorist threats on American soil
  • A return to our Constitutionally protected Freedoms including:
    • Freedom of Religion
    • Freedom of Speech – Even Conservatives can give their opinions now!
    • Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms

We’re Proud to be Conservatives!

It’s great to be an American!

It’s great to be a Conservative!

It’s great to have Freedom of Speech!

That’s why …

We’re proud to be Conservatives!

Conservatives stand for the principles and policies that lead to:

  • Morality within government
  • Freedom for all individuals
  • Peace at home and with all other nations
  • Prosperity throughout America

We’re proud to be Conservatives!

For More Information on the Presidential Transition and the New Conservative Era

Please read my book Great News for America.  In it, I correctly predicted 2016 would be an historic and critical presidential election that would usher in a new American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era. All together, I made ten surprising predictions most of which have already come true or will probably come true.  In it, I also discuss the Presidential Transition and what the new president will likely do after the Inauguration.

I also discuss the seven American Constitutional Eras in the past and the new Conservative Era that has just started.

It’s available in a print edition from Amazon and other book sellers.  It’s also available on Kindle and other e-book devices.