Are We Going to See a Conservative Wave?

Are We Going to See a Conservative Wave in the 2018 Congressional Elections?

Forget a Blue Wave; forget a Blue Ripple; forget a Blue Drip; and forget a Red Wave; get ready for a Conservative Wave in 2018. The long term political trends continue to build. The short trends continue to build. We will see a pro-Conservative, pro-Trump, pro-Trump agenda election.

You can expect the House to stay in the hands of the Republican Party, yet be more conservative overall.

You can expect the Senate to stay Republican, but expect the Republicans to pick up 6 to 8 new seats. Plus, the Senate will also be much more conservative than the current Senate.

There’s a Conservative Wave growing.

Will the Democratic Socialists Make a Big Difference in 2018?

NO! Socialism is a utopian philosophy that fails every time it’s tried. Margaret Thatcher is attributed to saying:

“The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Really, that is the problem with socialism. You need freedom, free enterprise, and free markets, essentially capitalism, to create wealth. If you eliminate capitalism in a nation, you eliminate the nation’s ability to create new wealth. The problem is that socialism uses up wealth, without the ability to create new wealth. Eventually, a socialist country goes bankrupt. Examples – Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba.

There are some nations that try to be socialist, but permit some capitalism in order to avoid bankruptcy. You can call that hampered capitalism. With hampered capitalism, a nation limps along with mediocre progress, innovation, and a so-so standard of living.

The Democratic Socialist approach will be rejected because it is impractical and the American electorate believes in self-help over government-help.

What is Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic Socialist Platform?

Ocasio-Cortez’s platform consists of these items:

  • Medicare for All (despite an estimated price tag of $33 Trillion dollars – that’s Trillion dollars, not the usual Billion dollars
  • Free College, Free Trade Schools, Free Forgiveness of All Student Loan Debt
  • Federal Jobs Guarantee – Minimum $15 per hour wage (adjusted for inflation) + Free Healthcare + Free Child and Sick Leave
  • Housing as a Human Right
  • End the War on Drugs
  • End For-Profit Prisons
  • End the Militarization of the Police
  • Legalize marijuana at the Federal level
  • Abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Clear path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
  • Build a carbon-free, 100% renewable energy system by the year 2035
  • Create a “New Green Deal” – a Federal Plan to thwart climate change costing trillions of dollars

How Will Ocasio-Cortez Pay for All Her Freebies?

Increase taxes on corporations and the ultra-wealthy and probably on consumers too. This is totally unrealistic. Even a 100% tax on all Americans can not fund this platform for even a partial year, yet along fund it indefinitely.

What Other Issues Does the Left Support in the 2018 Congressional Elections?

It’s pretty straight forward. The Left’s strategy is:

  • Resist President Trump
  • Resist President Trump’s agenda
  • Support the Mueller investigation
  • Support an endless probe into a so-called Trump campaign – Russian collusion scenario, despite no evidence that such collusion ever existed
  • Put out a steady flow of fake news stories that lack sources
  • Avoid immigration reform
  • Don’t build a wall
  • Raise taxes
  • Turn ObamaCare into a single payer, universal healthcare program
  • When you can’t achieve your policy at the ballot box or in Congress, go to court and sue the administration
  • Attack conservatives with every name in the book
  • Attack conservatives in public places

Will this Strategy Work?

NO! These are all losing issues and strategies. The American voters can see through the Left’s strategy and will reject them.

Expect a Conservative Wave in November.