Trump + Conservative Tsunami Drowning Left

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President Trump and a Popular, Conservative Tsunami is Drowning the Left Politically

Trump won the historic 2016 presidential election as part of a popular, conservative tsunami ushering in the new Conservative Era I discussed in detail in my book Great News for America. Not surprisingly, the uber left has reacted in their usual ways, whining and complaining, coloring books and safe spaces, recounts and fake news, protests and marches, rioting and violence, and when all else fails, lawsuits.  But, none of those 20th century tactics are working in this the new Conservative Era.

President Trump and a popular, conservative tsunami is drowning out the left politically. The Anti-Constitutional Era of America’s recent past has given way to the new Conservative Era. The American Electorate has “trumped” the small uber left minority that has been running America in the recent past, over the objections and the will of the American people. Despite still controlling the Old Main Stream Media (OMSM), Hollywood, and the Far Left universities, their old ideas and tactics are not working. Americans are on to their tools of political correctness, political intimidation, and political deceit.  The OMSM is no longer considered honest and Americans are ignoring their fake news.

How Do the American People View President Trump’s Recent Actions?

According to Rasmussen Reports, most Americans support President Trump’s efforts to ban visitors and refugees from coming into the U. S. until better vetting procedures are in place. Recall that one of the two big presidential election issues this past year was global terrorism and keeping America safe from terrorist violence at home. Most Americans see President Trump’s efforts as just plain “common sense.” They don’t see his orders as being anti-Muslim because the countries selected were simply thought to be those countries where terrorists were more likely to reside currently.

In addition, most Americans expressed their lack of support for Obama’s old policy of allowing more Middle Eastern and African refugees into America. By over 60%, they believed Obama’s old policy was an increased threat to U. S. national security.

Again, according to Rasmussen, Americans think President Trump is on the “right track.” This is in sharp contrast to their views on America prior to the presidential election.

Of course, Americans have long supported the Keystone XL Pipeline and long sought to repeal ObamaCare. These are two more examples that the American people support President Trump.

The American people support Trump and his actions solidly.

Caution: Are President Trump’s Approval Ratings Accurate? Are Recent Polls Accurate?

Some polls seem to continue the failed approach of last year. Some polls are touting approval ratings and other results as facts. However, it’s a good idea to see if the polls are based on solid underlying models. For example, do the polls attempt to get a fair sampling of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents? One estimate might be 27% Republicans, 30% Democrats, and 43% Independents. If a poll includes 45% Democrats to 23% Republicans and 32% Independents, be wary of the results.

What Will Happen with the Battle over Trump’s Nominee to the Supreme Court?

Expect an uproar over President Trump’s choice for a Supreme Court nominee. After all, it will tip the Supreme Court to a conservative majority. Expect the uber left will spawn a new round of protests and marches around the country. This is one more battle that they will lose in the new Conservative Era.

After the likely four Supreme Court nominees President Trump will make in his first four years of office, there will be a super conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

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Dr. Lameiro correctly predicted the historic and critical presidential election of 2016 in his prophetic book Great News for America. That book was written in 2015 and launched in January 2016. It predicted a new American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era, which has now started. It predicted the end of both the Republican and Democratic Parties as we have known them. It predicted the end of the mainstream media’s ability to impact the presidential election as we have known it in the past. It also predicted the rise of the new media as an influence in presidential elections.

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