Conservative Super Majority on Supreme Court?

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Will There be a Conservative Super Majority on the Supreme Court?

Before the historic and critical presidential election of 2016, I predicted that as part of the coming Conservative Era, there would be a conservative super majority on the Supreme Court during the president’s term of office. Today, there is a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Just consider the string of conservative decisions we saw recently:

  • The Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban vindicating his efforts to prevent terrorists from entering the country
  • The Supreme Court overturned a California law that attempted to force pro-life pregnancy centers to give women information about abortions (violating their freedom of speech)
  • The Supreme Court ruled that non-union government workers can’t be forced to pay union dues when they disagree with the political views of the union

Now, with the resignation of Associate Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, retiring at the end of July at age 82, President Trump has promised to appoint another Constitutional conservative.

This means we will have a conservative super majority on the Supreme Court.

Will There be Two More Supreme Court Vacancies Soon?

Yes, in 2018, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is already 85 years old and Stephen Breyer will be 80 on August 15th. I expect both will resign in the near future. Those retirements will seal the conservative super majority on the Supreme Court for the next two generations or so.

I have written before that the average age of a new Supreme Court Justice is about 50 years old. Also, the average Supreme Court Justice stays in office until their 80’s.

We can expect the Constitution and the Rule of Law to be honored and followed until the year 2050 and beyond.

As I wrote and predicted in my book Great News for AmericaAmerica is in a new American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era of jurisprudence. This is what the American people wanted and voted for in the 2016 presidential election.

For More Information, Please Read My Newest Book, More Great News for America

There’s More Great News for America coming!  Dr. Lameiro’s vision for America is enthusiastic and energetic, optimistic and bright.  According to Dr. Lameiro, it’s an exciting and hope-filled time to be alive.  America has entered a new Conservative Era.  We will literally see the rebirth of morality in government and across America; a return to more individual freedom; peace with other nations and peace within America; and a level of economic prosperity greater than ever before seen in the history of the world.

More Great News for America builds on the optimistic vision and positive message of Dr. Lameiro’s prescient 2016 book, Great News for America.  It updates where America stands using both Dr. Lameiro’s long-range presidential election models (that span about 24 – 36 years) and his short-range election models (that span about 2 – 8 years).  It includes his latest dynamic electoral models (that cover about 1 – 24 months) as well.  This book avoids the jargon of specialists and the nitty-gritty of mathematicians and statisticians, preferring to speak in direct, straight-forward, and common sense language to Dr. Lameiro’s readers and TV and Talk Radio show listeners.  No math or statistics are needed to read this book.

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More Great News for America also explains how and why the good guys win in the end, and forecasts four major, highly significant and truly profound, religious and cultural trends of the coming new Conservative Era: the Return to Faith in God, the Renaissance of Reason, the Restoration of Education, and the Rebirth of Morality, Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity.

More Great News for America concludes that the vision for America’s future is enthusiastic, optimistic, and bright.