Say Hello to the New Conservative Republican Party

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Is the New Conservative Republican Party Emerging in America Today?

It might come as a shock to many Americans, but a new Conservative Republican Party is finally emerging before our eyes. It’s powerful. It’s profound. It’s about to change the political dynamics for two generations or more of American political elections. What’s going on you ask?

Back in 2015, I wrote a book Great News for America that was launched in January 2016. It forecast the upcoming historical and critical presidential election of 2016. It clearly predicted the end of the Republican Party as we had known it. It also predicted the end of the Democratic Party as we had known it.

Since that time, both the Republican party and the Democratic Party have been dramatically changing. In my newest book More Great News for America I make eight predictions that I believe we will see come true in America this year and in the near future.

Finally, the new Conservative Republican Party as I have predicted is emerging.

Wow! This is big stuff. It means the U. S. House and Senate will be much more conservative in 2019. I have been predicting this as well.

But, it is also the key to show us how and why the U. S. House and Senate will remain red, and how and why there will not be any so-called Blue Wave, or Blue Ripple, or Blue Drip.

How Will the New Conservative Republican Party Take and Keep Control of the U. S. House and Senate in 2018?

The formula is simple. The new Conservative Republican Party needs to run political campaigns by tightly aligning with the conservative needs and wants of the American electorate. Here’s the unbeatable, winning formula:

  • Campaign on completely supporting President Trump and his agenda – Help him keep his promises to the American voter
  • Campaign on the local needs of a given Congressional District (for a House seat) or the local needs of a given State (for a Senate seat) – Remember every Congressional election is at least 50% a local election
  • Campaign with optimism, energy, and enthusiasm – Read my Law of the Optimistic Vision, my Law of the Dominant Offense, and my Law of the Dominant Personality.

My Ten Laws for Winning Presidential Elections were written decades ago and still work for both presidential and Congressional elections.

How Will the New Conservative Republican Party Impact America?

The new Conservative Republican Party is here, is emerging, and is growing right now!

Establishment Republicans of old will have to get with the program or consider joining the future minority party. They can’t expect to win elections using the strategies of old (pre-2016) elections because the electorate has changed as I have written and talked about for years.

You can read More Great News for America if you want to learn about the new minority party that I predict is coming.

In January 2019, President Trump will have a much easier time getting his legislative agenda, budgets, and other plans and programs passed by both the House and the Senate. He will also get his administrative appointments backlog caught up and his judicial appointments through more quickly.

By the way, I still predict President Trump will appoint another two Constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court (after Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh) for a total of four conservative Supreme Court justice appointments in his first term of office.

I think the Republican Party will formally change its name to the Conservative Republican Party in 2020.