Conservative Red Wave is Growing

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Conservative Red Wave is Growing as We Get Closer to the 2018 Congressional Elections

The Conservative Red Wave continues to grow and build. While many on the Left have been talking about a Blue Wave since late last year, there is still no Blue Wave, no Blue Ripple, and no Blue Drip. As I have written before, even some Blue Bubbles (strongly blue Congressional districts) are bursting under the pressure from voters for:

  • Support for President Trump’s successful policies
  • Support for President Trump’s popular policies that are yet-to-be-implemented – for example –
    • More tax cuts
    • Better healthcare options
    • Building a wall
    • Immigration reform

Also, voters are upset with the far Left for several important reasons:

  • Far Left policies of the Democratic Party are out-of-touch with most American voters – for example, American voters are against –
    • Impeaching the President
    • Attacking Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court without real evidence or corroboration
    • Harassing Trump supporters and conservatives in public places, such as restaurants
    • Shutting down ICE and allowing MS-13 and other gangs to freely take over some American towns
    • Increasing taxes (including repealing Trump’s recent tax cuts)
  • Far Left’s attacks on key American values –
    • Free speech
    • Innocent until proven guilty
    • Treating people fairly and with basic decency and respect

Democrats are Doubling Down on Far Left Positions and Policies

Instead of trying to make the Democratic Party more mainstream and more in line with American voters’ values, Democrats are doubling down on extreme leftist positions and policies. Democrats are moving toward outright:

  • Progressive Socialism
  • Democratic Socialism
  • Marxist Socialism
  • Socialism
  • Communism

Democrats are moving more toward making America into a North American Venezuela or a poverty-stricken North Korea.  American voters don’t want to make America into a socialist country.

Even socialists in Europe are moving toward capitalism and freedom because capitalism and freedom work. Socialism always leads to moral and economic bankruptcy.

So, why do Leftists want to move toward socialism? Is it simply power? Is it ego? They think they know more than the rest of us.

If Democrats want to regain a political party that can win elections, they must adopt positions and policies that align with the majority of America voters.

Results of the 2018 Congressional Elections

The dynamics of the 2018 Congressional elections are in place. Barring a major unexpected event, the Conservative Red Wave will continue to build and grow. The Republican Party will retain control of the House and the Senate. In addition, both the House and the Senate will be more conservative than they are now.

Expect Rep. Jim Jordan to be elected Speaker of the House in January as I predicted along time ago.