2018 Congressional Elections – End of a Century Long Political War?

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The 2018 Congressional Elections are Literally the Culmination of a Century Long Political War

This year, the 2018 Congressional Elections, will mark the end of a century long political war that has raged unabated between two competing, diametrically, and bitterly opposed  political ideologies.

On the one hand is the system of individual freedoms and limited government that we call capitalism. It’s implemented in our Constitutional Republic.

On the other hand is its arch-enemy, socialism, characterized by restricted individual freedoms, expansive big government that is extraordinarily wasteful, inefficient, and ineffective at solving most problems.

Socialists prefer control in the hands of an elite cadre of like-minded, power-wielding, and corrupt bureaucrats.

Sometimes, socialists dress up their tightly controlled government by offering mock elections they call democratic socialism. But, of course, they only permit socialists who agree with themselves to run and win their so-called elections.

Eight years ago, I wrote a book entitled America’s Economic War about the war between capitalism and socialism. Sometimes the war was called the cultural war. Sometimes the war was called political correctness. But, whatever the names given to the war, it was always a war between capitalism and socialism – individual freedom vs. big government power and control.

Why was it America’s Economic War?

Complete power and control comes when the socialists dominate the nation’s institutions and have total authoritative control over the entire economy. Medicare-For-All fits their agenda, for example. It gives them control over life-and-death decisions. Plus, it gives them control over about 20% of the entire economy in one power grab.

To get control of the entire economy, socialists first need to get political control of the nation. They get this by winning elections. If they can’t win elections, they tie up the other side in the courts with numerous and ridiculous lawsuits. They don’t support the Constitution or the Rule of Law, unless it can be used to advance their socialist agenda.

The other route to gaining total political control and then total economic control is to control the culture. How do they control the culture?

  • Socialists make people feel guilty, if they don’t do and say as socialists think and say they should.
  • Plus, socialists also try to ridicule and ostracize those who disagree.
  • Also, socialists never allow people to think on their own and express their own opinions freely. People who don’t tow the socialist line must be condemned, brow-beaten, and coerced into socialist conformance.

What is Socialism’s Chain of Control?

That brings up Socialism’s Chain of Control. Simply put,

  • First, in order to create a “socialist utopia,” socialism must control the economy.  To do this, it must eliminate economic freedom.
  • Second, in order to eliminate economic freedom, socialism must control the government. To do this, it must eliminate political freedom.
  • Third, in order to eliminate political freedom, socialism must control the culture and morality.  To do this, it must eliminate religious freedom.

That’s how socialism functions in reality. But, the actual method of creating a nation run under (democratic or other) socialism, proceeds in the reverse order. Socialists start by attacking religion and culture and try to control it. Then, socialists go after the political system to control it. Finally, socialists grab hold of the entire economic system and control it as well. Then, the socialists have complete power and control over the nation.

What 2018 Congressional Elections Outcomes are Possible?

The 2018 Congressional Elections are the pivotal battle in the century long war. Both sides will face victory or defeat. Other battles are extremely unlikely.

If the Democrats take control of the House, expect President Trump’s agenda to come to a screeching halt. Expect the Democrats to initiate numerous investigations and eventually vote to impeach President Trump. In terms of America, expect America to be transformed eventually into a socialist country. Expect our freedoms to be curtailed and our economy to tank.

If the Republicans keep control of the House (as I forecast), the conservative era will continue and my other predictions in More Great News for America will come true. The Constitution and the Rule of Law will be followed and adhered to in the Supreme Court and the rest of the court system. Expect to keep our freedoms protected and expect our economy to soar.

America Will Change Dramatically

After the Conservative Wave washes over the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate, the biggest change to America is that the century long war between freedom and socialism will finally end. The Left and the socialists will have finally been defeated. The Democrat Party will likely shut down shortly thereafter. America will be more peaceful and people will no longer fear to express their individual political opinions openly. It will be a bright day for America!