Comey’s Book vs. Trump – Who Wins?

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Comey’s Book Comes Out Tuesday and Gets a Lot of Media

Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” is a biographical book of sorts whose primary purpose seems to be to attack President Trump. In his new book, Comey also takes on Obama to a lesser extent, saying that then President Obama “jeopardized” the Department of Justice’s “credibility” when discussing Clinton’s so-called innocence regarding the email server scandal.

Of course, the old mainstream media continues to play up any news that is critical of President Trump. Comey’s book even seems to be drowning out the successful bombing and destruction of the Syrian chemical weapons facilities last week, even though it sends a strong message to Syria that might ultimately save many future lives of innocent Syrian men, women, and children.

Is Comey’s Book Adversely Impacting Trump’s Popularity?

No! President Trump’s popularity continues to rise with some reporting results as high as 51% recently. That, by the way, is a major increase over presidential approval ratings of about a year ago.

Of course, I said in 2017 that those presidential approval ratings showing Trump with low approval numbers appeared to be suffering from the same issues that the 2016 presidential election polls also suffered from in 2016.

Despite incredible old mainstream media publicity and #1 Amazon sales ranking numbers, Comey’s book is apparently not hurting Trump and his popularity continues to grow among his strong supporter base. In addition, his base appears to be growing as well.

The harder the Left tries to hit Trump and resists his policies, the stronger Trump’s support grows.

Will Comey’s Book Impact the November Congressional Elections?

No! Comey’s book is viewed as part of the Left’s resistance to Trump. Mueller and his investigation are also viewed by voters as the usual “negative politics.” Neither Comey’s book nor Mueller’s investigation appear to be having any negative impact on the Congressional elections and the conservative victories that we can expect to see in the Fall.

There might even be a negative backlash against Democrats who are being perceived as too negative, too resistant to progress, and getting in the way of Trump’s positive economy and positive efforts to solve national problems.

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