Clinton’s Health – Will It Impact the Election?

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Clinton’s Health – Will It Impact the Presidential Election?

Clinton’s health is now the biggest issue in this presidential election campaign. In my newest book Great News for America (written last year and launched in January 2016), I predicted that the 2016 presidential election would be an historic and critical presidential election. That certainly is true. In fact, we are watching an historic and critical presidential election before our eyes.

In an unusual turn of events, Clinton’s health has skyrocketed to the top of the issues list. There is little doubt that this might turn out to be a pivotal turning point in the election. Is this the October Surprise? What will happen to the polls now? Will Clinton drop out of the race? Will Joe Biden or John Kerry or Tim Kaine or Bernie Sanders replace Hillary Clinton?

Plus, is it possible that there is another October Surprise around the corner?

Let’s discuss this incredible 2016 presidential election now …

Clinton’s Health Questions

Clinton’s health has been the subject of controversy for some time. Consider the discussion around:

  • Clinton’s coughing spells during her appearances
  • Clinton’s inability to recall facts during her FBI interview
  • Clinton’s concussion and subsequent blood clot in her head that apparently prevented her from doing much work at the Department of State
  • Clinton’s inability to testify for a while before Congress on the Benghazi disaster
  • Clinton’s thyroid issues
  • Clinton’s ongoing need for blood thinning medication
  • Clinton’s appearance – tired, lackluster, somewhat strange, housecoat attire

Then, on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, Clinton’s seeming collapse and stumbling into her vehicle. Initially called “overheating,” it was later termed dehydration. Then, after some rest at Chelsea’s NY home, Clinton appeared OK outside and declared that she was “feeling great.” Later, it was learned that Clinton had pneumonia and was being treated by antibiotics.

Clinton’s Lack of Activities

Closely related to the Clinton’s health questions, is the lack of normal presidential election campaign activities:

  • Clinton didn’t hold a normal press conference for about 9 months
  • Clinton didn’t appear to maintain a normal presidential election campaign schedule with stops for rallies and speeches

Impact of Clinton’s Health – Scenario #1 – Drops in Polls

At the very least, Clinton’s health concerns will likely further erode her support in the polls.  Voters will likely hesitate to vote for someone who might not be healthy in office. If Clinton stays in the race and Clinton’s health remains a major issue, expect her poll numbers to drop another 3% – 5%.  This puts pressure on her to drop out of the race.

Impact of Clinton’s Health – Scenario #2 – Drops Out of the Race and Someone Else Gets Nominated

This scenario is obviously very historic. It’s a definite possibility. For example, if Clinton collapses during a presidential debate and the debate ends prematurely, people will call for her resignation from the race.

The DNC Chairperson would then call for a meeting of the DNC to replace a vacancy on the National Ticket. Tim Kaine does not have to be selected automatically as Clinton’s replacement. It could be:

  • Joe Biden
  • John Kerry
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Tim Kaine
  • Someone else??

Such a vacancy replacement meeting would be difficult to predict. It would be incredible to watch the event take place.

Impact of Clinton’s Health – Scenario #3 – Clinton Gets Better and Becomes More Active

In this case, we would be back to a more typical presidential election campaign. But, it will still be historic and critical. In this scenario, I expect Trump will beat Clinton easily as Trump becomes more presidential and as Clinton’s questions about scandals linger on.

Special Scenario – An October Surprise

Don’t rule out an October Surprise. It is actually possible that something unexpected in September will take place in October. The possibilities include:

  • Julian Assange releases some surprising revelations about Clinton
  • A military surprise from China, Russia, or North Korea
  • A terrorist attack outside the U. S. or even in the U. S.
  • An Obama pardon to help Clinton get past all the scandals
  • A stock market surprise

For More Information on This Year’s Presidential Election plus All of My Ten Surprising Predictions

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