Clinton’s Campaign Strategy is Failing Now

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What is Clinton’s Campaign Strategy Now?

It appears that Clinton’s campaign strategy now is to focus on attacking Trump. According to the Clinton campaign and/or their supporters, Trump is “unfit” to lead and “unfit” to be commander-in-chief. Additionally, he is criticized for alleged treatment of some women in his past and in particular, one tape of comments he made that was released two days prior to the second presidential debate, the so-called locker room comments.

Why is Clinton’s Campaign Strategy Failing?

In the past, personally attacking a candidate generally boosted their opponent in the minds of voters. But, it’s not working that way for Clinton because of her high unfavorable numbers.

  1. Clinton’s campaign strategy of personal attacks against Trump is not decreasing Trump’s very high Voter Intensity. In fact, it’s strengthening Trump’s Voter Intensity and voter’s intention to follow through and vote for Trump.
  2. In addition, as we have seen before, when news stories that are negative about Trump dominate the “no longer mainstream media,” Clinton only gets short term bounces in her polling numbers. After a few days, Clinton’s numbers begin to fade again. At the same, Trump’s numbers begin to increase again.  Trump’s long term Voter Momentum returns.

Clinton’s Campaign Strategy is a Big Mistake!

It’s generally acknowledged that Clinton is not a good campaigner. Clinton lacks charisma and typically doesn’t connect much with voters.

But, it’s also true that Clinton does not appear to be good at formulating an effective campaign strategy. Clinton’s Voter Intensity is very low for many reasons. To boost her Voter Intensity and to enhance her Voter Momentum, Clinton should be making the case for why she would be a good president and why her vision and policies would be better for America. That simply does not come across in the few public appearances that she makes. Her website does a better job in that area, but it’s somewhat cluttered for the average voter to study.

Bottom line, Clinton is squandering the last few weeks of this campaign with personal attacks against Trump.

What Should Clinton Attempt to Focus On?

Clinton is wasting an opportunity to try to boost her own negatives. Remember that Clinton has to overcome all these current negatives:

  • The “reckless” and “extremely careless” handling of government emails on a personal, unsecured server.
  • The FBIs failure to recommend her indictment in the face of overwhelming evidence that potential crimes were committed.
  • The DOJs failure to follow through with an indictment, following the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting in Phoenix.
  • The long list of potential lies and discrepancies between Clinton’s public statements and statements to Congress and the FBI investigators.
  • The apparent pay-to-play activities between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department during her tenure as Secretary of State.
  • Plus, many more issues.

What about the Claim that Clinton has Already Won the Election?

This might be an attempt by Clinton supporters to discourage Trump voters. That’s a mistake too because of Trump’s high Voter Intensity. It might even backfire, discouraging Clinton voters instead who have low Voter Intensity. After all, potential Clinton voters might think that their votes are not needed and they can easily skip the election.

What is My Current Presidential Election Forecast?

In my opinion, most of the polls are currently under counting Trump’s support for reasons I have discussed before. My current forecast going into the third presidential debate is that Trump will win the popular vote by about 4% and Trump will win the Electoral Vote by about 80 votes.  In the next two weeks, I expect the numbers for Trump to improve further. Of course, we need to watch for any late October surprises.

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