Is the Clinton Era of Power Politics Over?

Is the Clinton Era of Power Politics Finally Over?

The Clinton Era is indeed over. You can mark it down on the calendar. The Clinton Era, the Bill and Hillary Clinton Era, of power politics, dominating and controlling the Democratic Party, and a seemingly endless list of questionable activities is over.

Why do we make this conclusion? Recent news reports seem to politically damage Bill and Hillary Clinton and others associated with them in ways that will be difficult to recover from. It is possible that laws have been broken. It is also unlikely that Hillary Clinton’s problems can be overcome in time for another run for the White House in 2020.

In addition, it is now possible that members of the Left no longer intend to support Hillary Clinton, and no longer will continue to protect her.

Let’s look at some of the recent news stories that appear to further damage the reputations of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Shocking Recent News Reports that Might End the Clinton Era

In a series of shocking news reports, we have learned in recent days that:

  • Russian Bribery Plot. The FBI uncovered in 2010 a plot by Russian nuclear industry officials to grow Russia’s atomic energy within the United States. In addition, this plot involved bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering.
  • The Russian nuclear officials apparently conducted a racketeering scheme to give millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and served on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).
  • Ultimately Russia gained control of 20% of American uranium supplies.
  • Other Obama administration officials appeared involved in the decision.
  • Source:

We also learned from news sources:

  • Clinton and DNC Fund Trump Russian Dossier. That apparently both the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the DNC helped to fund the infamous Trump Russian dossier that alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign as well as certain compromising information on Trump.
  • The money trail apparently went from the Clinton campaign ($5.6M) and the DNC ($3.6M), to Perkins Coie (a law firm), to Fusion GPS (a Washington, DC, research firm), to Christopher Steele (former British intelligence officer).
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Plus, we learned that:

  • Clinton Campaign and DNC Federal Election Campaign Violation Complaint. In a complaint lodged by the Campaign Legal Center (a nonprofit), the Clinton campaign and the DNC were accused of violating campaign finance laws by failing to properly disclose financial expenditures for the Trump Russian dossier.
  • The CLC believes the Clinton campaign and the DNC hid payments for the Trump Russian dossier.
  • Source:
  • By law, campaigns must disclose the recipient, date, amount, and purpose of any expenditure of $200.
  • From the Seattle Times report above, the Clinton campaign and the DNC spent about $9.2M on the Trump Russian dossier. That certainly was well above the $200 threshold for reporting campaign expenditures.

Will the Left Keep Protecting Clinton?

I don’t think so. Why?

  • Hillary Clinton lost two presidential bids for election.
  • Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be a terrible campaign strategist and campaigner.
  • Hillary Clinton appeared to be positioning herself for a 2020 run for the White House.
  • The Left is tired of losing offices and wants to rebuild itself as a political force.
  • The Left doesn’t want to lose the White House again in 2020.
  • The Left is fearful that Clinton’s long history of questionable deals and activities makes it more difficult for the Left to mount a successful campaign to remove Trump from office. It would look like “hypocrisy on steroids.”

The Clinton – Weinstein Situation Hurts the Left

That’s why the Left is abandoning both Hillary Clinton and one of her close associates and a Democrat fundraiser, Harvey Weinstein.

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