The Real Solution to Charlottesville

What is the Real Cause of the Recent Violence in Charlottesville?

By now, nearly every American who reads or listens to the news has heard about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, last Saturday. We heard about the driver who smashed into counterprotestors, killing one. We learned about others who were hurt as well. We heard about the ostensible reason for the original protests, and the subsequent counterprotests.

Can a dispute over the removal of 150 year statues trigger violence in 21st century America? Surely, there must be something much deeper operating in our political culture today.

Despite disagreement from the left, the real cause of the recent violence in Charlottesville is “identity politics.”

What is Identity Politics?

Identity politics is viewing politics, political issues, and political positions from the point of view of distinct and separate groups.

Simply put, identity politics divides up people by groups – by race, by gender, by religion, by class, or by other boundaries. Its roots go back to the earliest days of socialism and fascism and communism. It’s a long term strategy among many that hope to “divide and conquer” a national identity in an attempt to gain political power.

Characteristics of identity politics include curtailing free speech and shouting down opponents to avoid honest debate and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Surely, most Americans can recall the limitation of free speech on college campuses in the last few years. Scholars such as Charles Murray being threatened from giving a lecture is another example.

Another characteristic of identity politics is to bestow on favored groups “victim status” because such status leads to anger, frustration, and often hatred.

What is the Real Solution to the Recent Violence in Charlottesville?

Americans need to reject identity politics and see themselves not as a group member and a lifeless clone, but rather as a dynamic individual with the Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as proclaimed by the Declaration of Independence.

Let’s protect each other’s freedom. Let’s see each person as a unique individual and not as a group member and clone. Let’s listen and dialogue. Let’s seek peace and love, not violence and hatred.

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