Why Censor the Orlando Massacre Gunman’s 911 Calls?

Why Censor the Orlando Massacre Gunman’s 911 Calls?

According to news reports, during the Orlando massacre gunman’s shooting spree, the gunman took the time to call 911 three times to claim responsibility for the shootings and to let authorities know that he was an Islamic soldier.  On Monday, the Department of Justice and the FBI released what they said were “complete” transcripts of those calls of  9 minutes, 16 minutes, and 3 minutes, respectively. However, we have learned that these calls were redacted (edited or censored) with various terms deleted.  The DOJ apparently didn’t want the American people to learn about the gunman’s references to ISIS, the Islamic State’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, or that the gunman was an Islamic soldier.

Why did the administration censor the Orlando massacre gunman’s 911 calls? Plus, importantly, what does this do to the 2016 presidential election? Let’s discuss this news story now …

What Reasons Does the Administration Have for Hiding the References to ISIS and the Islamic State?

The official reasons were:

  • They were being sensitive to the victims and their families
  • They wanted to maintain the integrity of the investigation
  • They didn’t want to propagate violent rhetoric or lend it any credence

Of course, do any of these reasons make sense?  Why hide the reality of global terrorism and its impact on America from the American people?  Does the administration think that Americans can’t handle the truth?  Also, how can you fight an enemy that you pretend doesn’t exist?

What is the Impact of this Issue on the 2016 Presidential Election?

As I have mentioned before, every presidential election normally has one Dominant Issue that the election outcome usually centers on.  Right now (after Orlando) that Dominant Issue is terrorism and the related issue of substantial and uncontrolled, illegal immigration taking place this year.

If the Orlando massacre gunman’s 911 calls come out completely and accurately, it supports and strengthens the fact that global terrorism is indeed the Dominant Issue of this presidential campaign.

On the other hand, if the Democratic party is able to shift the issue away from global terrorism and make the Orlando massacre simply a problem of more gun control, it will favor the Democratic party nominee for president.

If global terrorism persists as this year’s Dominant Issue, it will help Trump win the election over his Democratic opponent (who I think will be Biden with Warren as the possible VP candidate).  Global terrorism also will likely work against a third party candidacy of an establishment Republican, or of Sanders running on the Green Party with Stein as the potential VP candidate, or of Sanders running on a new third party.

*** News Update ***

Under pressure and criticism for redacting the Orlando massacre gunman’s 911 calls, the DOJ has released an unedited version Monday afternoon.

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