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Trump’s Priorities Now – Top 3 This Week

Trump’s Priorities Now – White House Staff, ObamaCare Push, Handle North Korea As President Trump enters August, his clear priorities appear to be cleaning up the bickering and fighting among White House staff, pushing Congress into repealing the ObamaCare disaster, and handling North Korea’s nuclear ICBM threat against America. What’s likely to happen next? Will Trump overcome all three challenges? Do Trump’s adversaries understand what they are about to face? Let’s discuss Trump’s priorities now … Trump Intends to Clean Up the White House Staff In-Fighting With the appointment of a no-nonsense, tough and saavy retired four-star Marine General, John…

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Trump’s First 100 Days Report Card

Trump’s First 100 Days Report Card + Some Other Report Cards This weekend, Trump’s first 100 day milestone is coming up. But, others will get report cards too! Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, House Republicans, the Democratic Party, the Alt Left, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and colleges and universities that no longer protect (or encourage!) free speech also get report cards as well.  Let’s think about these report cards and then talk about Trump’s next 1,361 days during his term of office … Trump’s First 100 Days Executive Orders … A+ President Trump issued about 36 Executive Orders during…

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The New Trump World Order

There’s a New Trump World Order Have you noticed today that there’s a new Trump world order? That’s right. Look around outside. The world has dramatically shifted. American foreign policy is new. It’s decisive. It’s based in morality. It values human dignity. It will not abandon first principles. It recognizes red lines in the sand and holds dictators and scoundrels readily accountable. Indeed, the old Obama foreign policy of “leading from behind” is gone, relegated to that terrible “ash heap of history” that President Reagan made famous in his memorable speech to the British Parliament, House of Commons, in London,…

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Will the Anti-Trump Left Prevent Trump from Succeeding?

Will the Anti-Trump Left Prevent Trump from Making America Great Again? Since November 8th, we have seen the Anti-Trump Left use a variety of strategies and tactics to prevent Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises and attempting to prevent him from Making America Great Again. Trump’s supporters and voters probably anticipated some whining and complaining after the election, especially since many of those supporting Clinton actually believed their inaccurate polls. But, the level of opposition has been unprecedented in comparison to past presidential election transitions and in contrast to the first 100 days in office for other new administrations. Let’s…

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Why Does the Left Oppose Democracy?

Why Does the Left Oppose Democracy on Issue After Issue? Ever since Trump won the presidential election, we see the Left oppose democracy. The Left is not just against America’s Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Electoral College system of electing a president, it’s seems to be against true democracy as well. Indeed, the Left has moved over the years from being liberal, to being progressive, to being socialist, and now it appears they are moving to being totalitarian and anti-democratic. Let’s talk about the Left’s migration away from America’s founding principles toward the Left’s political and democratic demise…

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Trump + Conservative Tsunami Drowning Left

President Trump and a Popular, Conservative Tsunami is Drowning the Left Politically Trump won the historic 2016 presidential election as part of a popular, conservative tsunami ushering in the new Conservative Era I discussed in detail in my book Great News for America. Not surprisingly, the uber left has reacted in their usual ways, whining and complaining, coloring books and safe spaces, recounts and fake news, protests and marches, rioting and violence, and when all else fails, lawsuits.  But, none of those 20th century tactics are working in this the new Conservative Era. President Trump and a popular, conservative tsunami…

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President Trump Week One vs. the Uber Left – Who is Winning?

President Trump Week One vs. the Uber Left – Who is Really Winning? President Trump Week One is a study in rapid fire action and turning the nation toward conservative principles and policies. So far, it’s a long list of dramatic changes in policy direction from the failed progressive socialist agenda of Obama and Clinton to the traditional values of freedom and prosperity that built America into the greatest nation on the face of the earth. In parallel with President Trump’s decisive “Make America Great Again” actions, the uber left sore losers continue to complain about their stunning electoral defeats….