2020 Presidential Election

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Presidential Election Scenarios – Possible?

Presidential Election Scenarios – What’s Possible? While many presidential election scenarios are possible, few people have thought about them. Of course, some scenarios are more likely than others. Here’s a quick list of some potential presidential election scenarios: Trump wins in a landslide on Election Day and Biden concedes that day Trump wins in a landslide on Election Day and Biden doesn’t concede immediately Biden waits for a flood of last minute mail-in ballots and declares victory two weeks later Trump and Biden litigate mail-in ballots in State Court of battleground States that might determine the Electoral College Vote Trump…

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Anarchy and Violence – Ending It?

Anarchy and Violence in Our Cities – Impact and How Can We End It? Anarchy and violence started in Minneapolis after a protest was hijacked by militant Antifa and BLM agitators, who saw the death of George Floyd as an opportunity to pursue their radical agendas of removing President Trump from office and transforming America into a socialist and communist country. In order to end the on-going anarchy and violence in our cities, we need to know who is permitting it, who is empowering it, and who can get rid of it. Another important question: how will it impact the…

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Presidential Election Trends – The Latest

What are the Latest Presidential Election Trends? While the Democratic National Convention with its dark vision for America is over and the Republican National Convention is in progress with an optimistic vision of greatness for America’s future, what presidential election trends are evident? Anarchy in our cities run by Blue City mayors is an increasingly important issue Covid 19 lock downs in States run by Blue State governors is an increasingly important issue Voter registration preferences are trending down for the Democratic Party and up for the Republican party Voter Enthusiasm and Voter Intensity trends favor President Trump by a…

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Why You Need to Vote in 2020?

Americans Need to Vote in 2020 – The Impact Will Likely Last for Decades Most people think they need to vote in a presidential election to pick a president. Most years, they would be correct. But, the 2020 Presidential Election is much bigger than that. It is a once-in-a-lifetime election. You Need to Vote in 2020 – The Most Important Presidential Election Since 1789 Why is the need to vote so great in 2020? Why is it the most important presidential election since 1789, when Washington was elected president? In 1789, America was celebrating its new Constitution and its freedom….

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How Will Americans Respond to Recent Anarchy?

How Will Americans Respond to Recent Violence, Looting and Rioting in the Streets? Democratic Governors and Democratic Mayors in some States and cities might have chosen to ignore the needs of their citizens and allowed the anarchy to continue, but will Americans ignore what happened or will Americans respond to the violence, looting, and rioting more concretely? Traditionally, Americans respond to crises and deal with them in positive ways that help create long term solutions. This year, 2020, Americans will respond to the recent violence, looting, and rioting in several ways. Here are four likely responses: The 2020 Presidential and…

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Political Trends and Predictions

What are the Newest Political Trends in America Today? Let’s take a few minutes to identify and assess the newest political trends in America today. Obviously, the latest political trends have been impacted and even sometimes dramatically shifted by the Covid 19 virus and the resulting shut down of the American Economy. But, how have long-term models (24 – 36 years), short-term models (2 – 8 years), and dynamic election models (1- 24 months) and their corresponding trends been affected? Will the models and trends be permanently altered? Or, are the changes to the models and trends simply temporary? Plus,…

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Presidential Election Forecast

My Presidential Election Forecast has Changed Dramatically! My current Presidential Election Forecast Model differs from the conventional political wisdom. While most people assume former VP Joe Biden has locked up the Democratic Party nomination for President and will face President Donald Trump this fall, my current model indicates he will lose that nomination at the real (or virtual) Democratic Party nomination in August to another democrat, most likely Michelle Obama. In the race for the nomination, Biden currently has about 1,352 Delegates, almost 650 Delegates short of the 1,991 Delegates needed to secure the nomination. Sen. Bernie Sanders has about…

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Will Corona Virus Impact Presidential Election?

Will the Corona Virus Impact the 2020 Presidential Election Primaries? The Corona Virus impact on the presidential election is already being felt this week. In Ohio, the primary was cancelled in a complicated set of circumstances. Governor Mike DeWine said the State would not open polls due to the corona virus pandemic after a judge refused to postpone the primary. After the Ohio Department of Health Director, Dr. Amy Acton, declared a health emergency and the closing of the polls, the Ohio primary was postponed. The Governor argued that the primary was an unacceptable health risk to both the voters…

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Biden or Bernie or Someone Else?

Biden or Bernie or Will It be Someone Else? People are talking these days as if the Democratic nomination has filtered down to just Biden or Bernie. The media is talking about a “two-man” race. Some people are discussing the “fact” that it’s down to two old white males and that women and minorities have been left completely out. But, will it be Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders? Will one of them be nominated for sure? Not so fast! Biden or Bernie Might Not Get Enough Delegates Indeed, it’s entirely possible that neither Joe Biden nor Bernie Sanders will get…