How Will the Caravan Crisis Impact the Elections?

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How Will the Caravan Crisis Impact the 2018 Congressional Elections?

It’s hard to miss the headlines dealing with the caravan crisis. Initially, there were about 4,000 immigrants traveling from Central America headed to the United States. Now, we learn, the caravan crisis includes a growing number of smaller caravans and some additional immigrants who have joined the walk and ride, all seeking asylum in America. The crowded line, or should we call it a mob scene, now is estimated to reach up to perhaps 14,000 immigrants.

Surprisingly, if you believe in political surprises, this so-called spontaneous flood of potential refugees is scheduled to arrive on the southern border of the U. S. on Tuesday, November 6th, Election Day, the same day that 435 Representatives and 33 Senators are to be elected.

This is an incredible coincidence, making some people think the entire caravan crisis is a manufactured political crisis timed to impact our elections.

Some normal questions come to mind pretty quickly:

  • Why is there a caravan crisis at all?
  • Why is it timed to come to America on our Election Day?
  • How much is the caravan crisis costing?
  • Who’s funding the caravan crisis? Who are the ultimate sponsors? The resources must be paid for by someone, somehow.
  • How will the caravan crisis impact the 2018 Congressional elections?

Let’s discuss these questions now …

Why is there a Caravan Crisis?

No one person, or political group, or non-partisan group, appears to be taking credit for the caravan crisis. I suppose the media expects everyone to assume it is an organic, spontaneous event. But, it’s difficult to believe in a pop-up caravan of around 14,000 people, all heading to the U. S. border at precisely the same time – Election Day.

I think it’s probably organized, funded, and managed by a pro-immigration group (or groups) funded by wealthy pro-immigration donors, whose purpose is to create a giant photo-op right before and during the 2018 Congressional elections. In my opinion, the caravan crisis and corresponding photo-ops are designed to elicit support from women voters for Democratic candidates, who want to allow open borders.

Earlier in the year, when immigrant families were separated at the border to protect some children from fake parents who might be drug dealers, many women were sympathetic to the plight of children. This despite the history of how children were handled during the Obama administration.

The Kavanaugh Crisis (in September) and the Caravan Crisis (in October) – Both Political Events with Similar Political Goals

Both the Kavanaugh hearings in September that turned into a political crisis and the caravan crisis in October appear to have been constructed by the Left to influence women voters in the 2018 Congressional elections. Both appear to be aimed at hurting President Trump and Republicans that support President Trump’s administration policies. Both appear to be aimed at garnering political support for Democrats in the Congressional elections.

How Much is the Caravan Crisis Costing and Who is Paying for It?

The 14,000 potential immigrants who seek to cross our border without following our laws all require the basics of life. The 14,000 people need these resources:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Portable toilet facilities
  • Bedding and in some cases sleeping facilities (some hotel facilities apparently given to some participants)
  • Good shoes, new shoes, and in some cases rides (transportation and fuel used for some apparent trucks and buses)
  • Medical care (blisters on feet, dehydration, illnesses, etc.)
  • Legal help (with navigating their attempts to get across the U. S. border)

Estimates for the cost of this caravan crisis is hard to know with accuracy. But, it might range from $5,000 to $10,000 per person. The number of potential immigrants involved ranges from 7,000 up to (currently) 14,000 people. Let’s make a conservative estimate. Let’s assume $5,000 per person and 7,000 immigrants in the final caravan. That is still $35 Million, a hefty sum of money.

Who is footing the bill? Indeed, Leftists groups can afford to spend that kind of money.

Rep. Louie Gohmert said on Monday that the DOJ needs to investigate the funding for this caravan crisis. He further suggests that RICO could be used to go after those funding the caravan crisis.

Is the Asylum Claim of those in the Caravan Legitimate?

No, a person needs to make an asylum claim in the FIRST country a person enters after leaving the country they are seeking asylum from.

Rep. Louie Gohmert was quoted in NewsMax about both RICO and asylum. [Source: ]

How Will the Caravan Crisis Impact the 2018 Congressional Elections?

As I have discussed on-air many times, the Left continues to misread American voters. Instead of hurting President Trump and helping Democratic candidates for office, the caravan crisis tends to highlight and publicize the need for immigration reform, border security, and the continuation of ICE. If President Trump is faced with using the military to protect the American border on Election Day, it will further show the need for immigration reform, border security, and the continuation of ICE that the President as sought.

In addition, as President Trump is already doing, Trump is strongly criticizing and blaming Democrats for allowing this crisis to develop because they refused to take action earlier this year.

The bottom line for the 2018 Congressional elections is simple:

The caravan crisis will increase voter intensity for conservative Republicans and will increase support for Trump policies. It will likely add four more conservative seats in the House and one more conservative seat in the Senate.

More Great News for America

My 2018 book, More Great News for America, makes eight predictions for the near future. They all seem to be in the process of taking place. If you haven’t read More Great News for America, please read it to help understand what’s happening in America.