Blue Wave, Red Wave, or Conservative Wave?

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Will we see a Blue Wave, a Red Wave, or a Conservative Wave in the 2018 Congressional Elections?

After some fleeting electoral successes, some Democrats are anticipating a blue wave, not a red wave, or a conservative wave in the 2018 Congressional elections. But, are they wrong?

Some Republicans, fearful that Congress has not repealed and replaced Obamacare decisively and has been slow to implement the Trump agenda, worry 2018 might not be a good year for the GOP. Are these fears justified?

Let’s discuss the electoral reality that America faces in 2018.

What Do the Long-Range Trends Tell Us?

Without question the long-range trends, those that span 24 to 36 years lean strongly conservative. These same trends helped to push Trump over the top in the 2016 historic and critical presidential election. They have not changed and will likely not change any time soon.

Americans still want to see morality restored to government and an end to corruption in Washington. Americans still want a return to the Rule of Law. They also want less government regulations hindering our economy. They also want economic growth and prosperity.

The long-range trends point to a solid conservative wave election in 2018.

Is There a Difference between a Red Wave Election and a Conservative Wave Election?

Yes, a red wave election means Republicans of all types win. This includes both conservatives and establishment Republicans. In a conservative wave election, not only do Republicans carry the House and Senate, but the composition of those winning Republicans is predominantly conservative.

A conservative Republican Congress will more aggressively support the Trump agenda.

What Do the Short-Range Trends Tell Us?

The short-range trends (those that typically span 2 to 8 years) continue to signal more conservatives will be elected to office and more conservative programs and policies will be passed in the next year or two.

Americans seek a tough president who will not be pushed around by the media in this country or foreign dictators around the world. They seek a leader, not a follower. They want tough action to accompany tough words.

Americans think the Left does not have its best interest in mind.  They believe that many Leftist programs and policies are wrong for them individually and bad for the nation as a whole.

Expect a Conservative Wave in 2018 and Beyond

The House will likely stay in the hands of the Republicans, although the House will move much more to conservative positions, programs, and policies.

The Senate will likely see Republicans gaining 9 or 10 seats, many of which are considerably more conservative. It should be a filibuster-proof Senate.

Expect 3 more Constitutional conservatives will be appointed to the Supreme Court by President Trump before 2020. They will be approved routinely by the new conservative wave Senate.

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