Has Washington Reached Black Monday?

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Will Washington Experience its own Black Monday?

Black Monday is known historically for the famous October stock market crash in 1987 in which nearly 25% of the market value dropped in one day! Black Monday is infamous with the 1929 stock market crash as well. That crash took place on October 28th, 1929. Black Monday is associated with ominous events, turbulence, and calamities. Black Monday is associated with late October. This month is the 30th anniversary of 1987’s Black Monday disaster. Will Washington experience its own turbulent Black Monday and Black Monday week?

What’s the Short Term Outlook and the Long Term Outlook for America? What are the Risks?

I think all the pieces are now in place for an unprecedented political crisis in Washington. In the short run, I’m concerned many Americans will fear for the nation’s good health. In the long term, I believe America will survive and thrive past Black Monday in Washington 2017. I think our long term outlook is still rock solid, optimistic, and good.

While America is experiencing this short term turbulence, we face unprecedented risks from our enemies. North Korea appears ready to launch a nuclear missile at one or more American targets. They are conducting evacuation drills. Three American aircraft carriers are poised off the Korean peninsula. North Korea and other enemies might choose Black Monday to attack militarily or in other ways thinking we are weak at this point in our history.

What Pieces are in Place to Precipitate a Political Black Monday in Washington Now?

#1 – The Trump-Russian Collusion Investigation.

  • This so-called investigation has not found a shred of evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians to impact the 2016 presidential election.
  • It now appears to be a sham investigation.
  • In fact, it appears to be triggered by the Trump dossier that in turn, appears to be bought and purchased by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.
  • FISA warrants might have been issued on the basis of a phony smear campaign, masquerading as an intelligence report.
  • Many Trump campaign officials and supporters might have been “unmasked” (possibly illegally) as a result of this investigation.
  • Special Counsel Mueller who appeared to have a conflict of interest earlier in the investigation now appears to have a more major conflict of interest in the Uranium One deal.
  • Evidence continues to grow that Mueller by not stepping down is in violation of the law given the apparent major conflict of interest.
  • Trump believes Mueller should step down and has the power to remove him from office.
  • Trump is calling Mueller and the Democrats on their witch hunt. He is requesting Congress to take action.
  • Mueller is about to make his first indictment. Who will be indicted and for what crime will be known soon? Who leaked this story? That’s another problem.
  • The actual collusion appears to be Clinton-Russian collusion.
  • The entire investigation might have been designed to protect and hide the apparent Clinton-Russian collusion.
  • The investigation might have been designed also to protect Obama administration officials from getting in trouble for their potential activities in support of the Clinton campaign and Clinton-Russian collusion.

This might turn out to be the biggest political scandal in American history because the Obama administration at the highest levels, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, and the Special Counsel’s Office might have all worked on obstructing justice and the Rule of Law on an unprecedented level.

#2 – Clinton and DNC Pay for the Trump Russian Dossier.

  • Apparently both the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the DNC helped to fund the infamous Trump Russian dossier that alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign as well as certain compromising information on Trump.
  • This purchase of a hit piece goes far beyond the usual campaign op-research work.
  • It now appears that the Clinton campaign and the DNC were involved in paying for a smear campaign.
  • The money trail apparently went from the Clinton campaign ($5.6M) and the DNC ($3.6M), to Perkins Coie (a law firm), to Fusion GPS (a Washington, DC, research firm), to Christopher Steele (former British intelligence officer) with reported Russian ties.
  • Fusion GPS officials have taken the Fifth Amendment before Congress.
  • Congress apparently has just got Fusion GPS to agree to provide them with their bank records that might shed new light on payments to Fusion GPS by key players and expenses of Fusion GPS.
  • John Podesta denied knowing about details of the payments for the Trump Russian Dossier in a new conference in which his lawyer Marc E. Elias stood next to him. Marc E. Elias was the same lawyer who reportedly received the payments from the Clinton campaign and the DNC.
  • One might expect John Podesta and Marc E. Elias would have discussed these payments before the news conference.

#3 – Federal Election Campaign Violation Complaint.

  • In a complaint lodged by the Campaign Legal Center (a nonprofit), the Clinton campaign and the DNC were accused of violating campaign finance laws by failing to properly disclose financial expenditures for the Trump Russian dossier.
  • The CLC believes the Clinton campaign and the DNC hid payments for the Trump Russian dossier.
  • By law, campaigns must disclose the recipient, date, amount, and purpose of any expenditure over $200.
  • The Clinton campaign and the DNC spent about $9.2M on the Trump Russian dossier. That certainly was well above the $200 threshold for reporting campaign expenditures.

#4 – Russian Bribery Plot.

  • The FBI uncovered in 2010 a plot by Russian nuclear industry officials to grow Russia’s atomic energy within the United States.
  • This plot apparently involved bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering.
  • The Russian nuclear officials apparently conducted a racketeering scheme to give millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and served on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).
  • Reports indicate that at about the same time, Bill Clinton received a substantially larger speaking fee ($500,000) from a Russian bank that apparently was involved.
  • Russia gained control of 20% of American uranium supplies.
  • Other Obama administration officials appeared to be involved in the decision.
  • Apparently Congress was not made aware of the details.

Expect fireworks in the news on Black Monday and during Black Monday week!

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