Biden or Bernie or Someone Else?

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Biden or Bernie or Will It be Someone Else?

People are talking these days as if the Democratic nomination has filtered down to just Biden or Bernie. The media is talking about a “two-man” race. Some people are discussing the “fact” that it’s down to two old white males and that women and minorities have been left completely out.

But, will it be Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders? Will one of them be nominated for sure?

Not so fast!

Biden or Bernie Might Not Get Enough Delegates

Indeed, it’s entirely possible that neither Joe Biden nor Bernie Sanders will get a clear first ballot victory at the Democratic National Convention in July. Both might fall short of the 1,991 Delegates needed to capture the nomination.

If that’s true, the Super Delegates or Unpledged Delegates on the second ballot (or on a subsequent ballot) might choose someone else instead.

An Avowed Socialist and Someone with Potential Memory and Scandal Issues

Bernie Sanders worries many Democrats because he is an avowed socialist, who has a record of praising communist countries. They are concerned he will take down many other Democratic candidates with him.

But, Joe Biden is also making one campaign gaffe after another. Some question is fitness for office. Others think he can’t possibly stand up to President Trump in a campaign debate. Added to that is the increasing concern over his relatives benefiting from his stint as Vice President. Hunter Biden drawing a large salary for a questionable job with a Ukrainian company comes to mind.

Both Biden and Bernie look weak against a formidable President Trump in the fall election campaign.

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton Appear to be Preparing for a Run

Sitting in the wings, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are quietly waiting in the wings. Remember, Barack Obama has never endorsed Biden or Bernie. Why?

Michelle has written the perfunctory book leading up to a presidential run. She also is visiting a key Battleground State, Michigan, with 125 Delegates this week. She is involved with a get out the vote campaign, but it could be a get ready to become an active candidate preliminary activity.

Hillary Clinton is still upset she lost to Donald Trump in 2016. She seems aching to run again and take back The White House that she thought was a lock for her in 2016. She also is a strong fund-raiser and has a myriad of connections.

Another Possibility – Hillary Gets the VP Nomination and is Available to Take Over if Biden Can’t Carry Out the Presidency

There’s also another backdoor for Hillary Clinton to get into The White House. She could become the VP nominee with Biden on the top of the ticket. Then, if for any reason, Biden can’t function in office, the 25th Amendment could be used to allow Clinton to become the Acting President.

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Many candidates this year are pushing socialist policies and outright socialism for America. President Trump said America will never be a socialist nation! The debate for the future of America – freedom and capitalism vs. socialism – has begun. The Trump vs Some Democrat presidential race will be the centerpiece of this historic debate.

In contrast to candidates who are pushing for socialism, conservatives in stark contrast are defending our Constitution, the Rule of Law, freedom, morality, peace and prosperity.

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