Bernie, Biden, Buttigieg – Who’s Really Ahead?

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Bernie, Biden, Buttigieg – Leading the Democratic Field for Now?

It looks like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg are leading the Democratic presidential nomination field for the moment – at least in the view of many pollsters, pundits, and politicians on the Left. But, where is the race today? And, more importantly, where is the race heading into the 2020 primaries and caucuses?

Bernie Sanders – Momentum from 2016 and Probably Leads at the Moment

Bernie Sanders has quite a few advantages going into 2020. He almost beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential nomination race in 2016. Clinton had the edge because of the so-called Super Delegates that gave her a built-in advantage. But, Bernie had the edge among Left-leaning millennials.

Bernie also is the clear spokesman and advocate for moving America toward socialist policies and socialism. As the Democratic Party continues to embrace socialism, Bernie is the leader in that arena. His policies include: Medicare-for-All, Free College Tuition, Combat Climate Change, etc.

In the fundraising area, Bernie Sanders has raised just under $21 Million, more than any competitor in the Democratic Party, but considerably less than the $30+ Million President Trump has raised.

It’s noteworthy to realize that most other Democratic Party candidates have essentially adopted, adapted, or copied most or all of Bernie’s socialist policies. In a sense, he’s one of the Democratic Party’s thought leaders, even though he is actually an Independent and not a member of the Democratic Party.

Bernie seems to have taken the lead in the race for the nomination for the moment.

Joe Biden – Name Recognition, But Many Problems

High in some polls in early 2019, Joe Biden still seems to have an edge for the nomination in the minds of some. He’s been Vice President under Obama. He’s well known by many voters. He’s considered an Establishment Democrat, a well known and loyal liberal from the past.

Some of the liabilities Biden brings to the table include:

  • His “creepiness” among some women
  • His political “gaffes”
  • His age and lack of support from younger Democrats
  • His association with Establishment Democrats – he’s an insider
  • His lack of an aggressive socialist agenda

Biden has also apparently struggled to get big donors to support his candidacy. Many donors are probably holding out to see who will garner most primary voters’ support.

Biden seems to be losing ground in the nomination race. He seems unlikely to get the nomination and even less likely to win in the 2020 race against President Trump.

Pete Buttigieg – A Dark Horse Candidate that Seems to be Gaining Ground

The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana is a dark horse that seems to be gaining ground quickly over many of his rivals. As he gains ground, he’s also wisely taking on the apparent leader, Bernie Sanders.

Buttigieg has a strong pedigree – Harvard University, Oxford, Rhodes Scholarship, Naval Intelligence Officer – is young (37) and articulate.

Hollywood and other donors are vying to host fundraisers for Buttigieg much like in the 2008 presidential Democratic Party race. He has raised over $7 Million and is appealing to both large donors and so-called retail donors (or small donors) of $200 or less. The fact that he is openly a gay married man will likely mean that he fares well with LGBTQ donors.

He appears to currently be in the second spot in the Democratic race.

Can We Call the Democratic Party Nomination Winner Today?

Bernie, Biden, and Buttigieg are currently in the lead. However, there are 21 candidates already in the race with another 8 candidates that have a real chance of still entering the race. Plus, I have already written about another dark horse candidate that is on the horizon – not currently mentioned in most articles. That makes 30 potential nominees.

Of course, events can always impact the nomination between now and the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Let’s see how the race unfolds.