Barr Testimony – Shocking and New

Shocking New Testimony from AG Barr

Attorney General Barr gave some surprising testimony on Tuesday, followed by shocking new testimony on Wednesday.

Tuesday’s AG Barr testimony included the revelation that he was investigating the origins of the FBI investigation into the Trump presidential campaign back in 2016.

Given the fact that the extensive Mueller Special Counsel investigation done by apparently 19 anti-Trump lawyers and costing about $30 Million yielded no Trump campaign – Russian collusion and that it yielded no obstruction of justice indictment of President Trump, the obvious question is why was this wasteful investigation undertaken. What was the basis of the investigation?

AG Barr also revealed on Tuesday that the FISA investigation by the Office of the Inspector General would be wrapping up in May or June. Evidence already reported in the media indicates that the FISA warrants to surveil certain Trump campaign people were based on the Clinton campaign and DNC paid for Trump dossier.

But, on Wednesday, AG Barr shocked many by still another statement.

What was the Shocking New Testimony?

AG Barr on Wednesday testified that he believes that the Trump campaign was spyed on. He indicated that “spying” on a political campaign is a “big deal.”

Why was this Testimony Important?

This was a bombshell. It indicates that top officials from the Obama administration might have conspired to derail Trump’s presidential campaign. In fact, it might turn out to be the greatest political scandal in American History.

AG Barr said:

“I have an obligation to make sure government power is not abused and I think that’s one of the principal roles of the attorney general.”

Given the mounting evidence that the DOJ and the FBI exonerated the actions of Hillary Clinton, her staff, and others close to her campaign and then investigated Trump, his campaign, and many of those close to him based on a phony dossier, this was a bombshell. Indeed, it is bad news for some people, who have not previously been charged with potentially serious crimes.

Does this mean under Attorney General Barr, America might once again follow the Rule of Law for all citizens? It appears so. The days of two sets of laws – one for the politically well connected on the Left and one for everyone else – might be ending.