Why are Anti-Trump People Protesting and Sometimes Rioting?

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Why are Anti-Trump People Protesting and Sometimes Even Rioting?

Across the country, anti-trump protesters are voicing their frustration and sometimes acting our their anger because Trump clearly defeated Clinton in the presidential election. What are the reasons behind these protests and riots? Are there professional agitators and leftists involved and/or funding these protests and riots? Why are their arguments not legitimate?

Plus, will it turn out that Clinton did NOT win the popular vote after all?

Finally, why does keeping the Presidential Electoral College make sense for America?

Let’s discuss all of these questions next …

Who Won the Popular Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election?

According to most sources, Clinton won the popular vote by a little over a half million votes out of approximately 120 to 130 million voters. That’s less than one half of one percent of voters, a very small margin.

Yet, all the votes are probably not counted. Some even believe that when completely counted and certified, Trump might end up with a popular vote win, in addition to his Electoral College win.

Incidentally, voter fraud estimates range from about 1.3 million to 3 million voters that were either dead (but still on voter rolls) or simply illegal (and not eligible to vote). Most of these are thought to be potential Clinton voters. But, of course, that’s conjecture and extremely difficult to attempt to prove. If true however, Trump would be the likely popular vote winner.

Does the Electoral College Still Make Sense for America?

Yes, it is still a wonderful mechanism for our great nation. Right now, a red/blue map of America shows the United States painted red with a very few areas of blue on the left and right coasts and elsewhere. That means voters in most parts of America are more conservative, while progressives and socialists seem to prevail in large urban areas.  The Electoral College is a brilliant system for assuring that all voters have a say in electing a president and a vice president.

Indeed, if the bi-coastal cities ruled the nation, most of fly-over country, the red States, would be largely ignored and their needs neglected.

From a pragmatic approach, the Electoral College offers resolving presidential elections rather quickly and easily. Despite the razor-thin popular vote edge in the presidential election, the Electoral College gave us President-Elect Trump a few hour after Election Day was over. It is unthinkable about how many numerous and painful recounts would be needed if America relied on a popular vote winner.

What are the Reasons behind the Protests and Riots?

I don’t think the protests and riots are Anti-Trump as much as they are Anti-Constitution. I think if Ted Cruz had won the election or any other Republican for that matter, the Uber Left would have instigated and encouraged similar anti-constitutional behavior. Consider these points:

  • Trump won the Electoral College votes following a process that is Constitutional and has worked for 240 years. It is a legal and legitimate Electoral College victory.
  • Had the Constitution mandated a different approach (such as the popular vote as some have suggested), Trump would have followed a different campaign strategy focused on a few urban, population centers and might have won the popular vote too.
  • Those protesters that are unhappy with the Trump victory are free to voice their unhappiness. However, rioters that injure people or who do property damage are clearly violating the law and must be prosecuted.
  • Over recent years, the uber left has continued to attempt to limit free speech and to intimidate their political opposition. Attacking the First Amendment Free Speech of any American is also unconstitutional. It can not be tolerated in a free society.
  • With progressive socialism’s attempt to eliminate competition in the market place and even in schools (consider their concept of no winners and no losers, only participants and participation awards), millennials might not have learned the important life lesson that “we don’t always get our own way, and  sometimes we lose in life.” That’s reality.

Are there Professional Agitators and Leftists Involved and/or Funding these Protests and Riots?

We will have to wait and see if definitive evidence comes out about professional agitators and leftists. Some think Rent-A-Mobs are behind these anti-Trump protest and riots.

Whether organic or paid for, no doubt these anti-Trump activities are likely an effort to intimidate Trump into not following through on his campaign promises.

If you can’t win in the elections, the uber left tries to win in the courts, in the streets, and in the media.

How Will President-Elect Trump React to the Protests and Riots?

I think Trump will move along with his agenda and his promises to the American people. With regard to the protests and riots, I think:

  • Trump will attempt to calm the protesters and rioters
  • Trump will actively enforce the laws, and
  • Trump will largely ignore the unconstitutional whining of the uber left.