Will the Anti-Trump Left Prevent Trump from Succeeding?

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Will the Anti-Trump Left Prevent Trump from Making America Great Again?

Since November 8th, we have seen the Anti-Trump Left use a variety of strategies and tactics to prevent Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises and attempting to prevent him from Making America Great Again. Trump’s supporters and voters probably anticipated some whining and complaining after the election, especially since many of those supporting Clinton actually believed their inaccurate polls. But, the level of opposition has been unprecedented in comparison to past presidential election transitions and in contrast to the first 100 days in office for other new administrations.

Let’s look at that opposition to President Trump in more detail and importantly, let’s address the question: “Will the Anti-Trump Left Prevent Trump from Making America Great Again?”

What are the Objectives of the Anti-Trump Left?

Clearly, the objectives of the Anti-Trump Left is to effectively undo the results of the historic 2016 presidential election. They wanted Clinton to win the election and they sought to have Obama’s policies continued. They want to see no part of Trump’s populist and conservative agenda to be implemented. Their objectives are the precise opposite of Trump’s objectives in foreign policy, national security, and in economic policies.

Members of the current Anti-Trump Left have effectively been running America for the last eight years under the Obama Administration. They have sidestepped the Constitution at times and pushed aside the Rule of Law in many cases. They have bullied and intimidated some of their opposition along the way by using the Federal government for their own purposes. The IRS, for example, was directed to unfairly keep conservative groups from getting needed tax-exempt status to stymie conservative political efforts. They have also relied on activist judges to promote their social agenda, when they couldn’t get something passed legislatively or with ballot initiatives.

With Clinton’s lost election bid and the subsequent loss of power to move America toward their progressive and socialist policies and programs, the Anti-Trump Left wants to keep control of the nation’s political agenda. Recall, too, that the number of Democratic Party officeholders in America is at a low point not seen since the 1920’s.

The objectives of the Anti-Trump Left are to:

  • Stop Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises
  • Stop Trump from getting his team in place (nearly 4,000 appointees)
  • Stop Trump from getting his Supreme Court nominees in place (of course, the first nominee is Judge Neil Gorsuch)
  • Stop Trump from filling the Federal judiciary with about 100 conservative Federal District and Federal Circuit Court of Appeals judges
  • Stop Trump from limiting legal immigration from terrorist countries
  • Stop Trump from eliminating illegal immigration
  • Stop Trump from deporting illegal immigrants convicted of felonies
  • Stop Trump from encouraging energy production in the United States
  • Stop Trump from eliminating wasteful climate change policies
  • Stop Trump from cutting expensive regulations
  • Stop Trump from implementing free AND fair trade agreements
  • Stop Trump from encouraging strong dollar monetary policies
  • Stop Trump from encouraging strong economic growth

What are the Strategies and Tactics of the Anti-Trump Left?

So far their strategies and tactics have included:

  • A lot of whining and complaining
  • Coloring books, play doh, and safe spaces to get over the election
  • Wasteful and expensive recounts of election results
  • A lot of Fake News stories that later prove to be wrong or exaggerated
  • Polls based on inaccurate sampling models
  • Protests and marches
  • Rent-a-Mobs being paid to protest
  • Stacking Congressional Town Hall meetings with opposition protestors
  • Rioting and violence
  • Ad hominem attacks on Trump appointees and staff
  • Attacks on Trump’s family members
  • Foot dragging and delays of the Senate approval of Trump nominees
  • Many frivolous lawsuits
  • Judicial activism in the Courts
  • Attacks by entertainers in the media

Who Might be Organizing the Anti-Trump Left?

Possible leaders for the Anti-Trump Left might include:

  • Obama, his Organizing for America group, and the Obama Foundation – OFA controls about 30,000 agitators, 250 offices around the U. S., well funded [Source: http://nypost.com/2017/02/11/how-obama-is-scheming-to-sabotage-trumps-presidency/]
  • George Soros, his Open Society foundations, and the Democracy Alliance – Fund Uber Left groups and develop strategies to promote progressive and socialist programs [Source: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/democrats-soros-trump-231313 ]
  • Democratic Party Leaders and the DNC

Will the Anti-Trump Left Prevent Trump from Making America Great Again?

No! They will fail decisively. Their non-organic movement will fade and their funding will dry up. Donors will catch on that their approach is out of touch with the American people and there is no point to continue to fund these activities. President Trump will protect America from global terrorism, will restore law and order in our cities, and will re-ignite our economy with 4% annual GDP growth. His successes will change the mood of America and make the Anti-Trump Left irrelevant to the American people.

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