Anarchy vs the Rule of Law?

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What Direction Will America Take – Anarchy or the Rule of Law?

America has slipped from protesting the terrible death of George Floyd to outright looting stores, setting fires, smashing windows, and attacking and killing innocent citizens and police officers – in other words anarchy.

Plus, it appears to be organized anarchy with pre-positioned bricks placed nearby key riot locations and even incendiary devices strategically available for destruction of property.

Democrats running many cities and States are choosing to permit this rampant and widespread anarchy rather than use their police departments and/or National Guard troops to quell the property damage and destruction and injury and death. Rather than allow and in some cases even encourage anarchy, these Democratic Mayors and Governors need to support and enforce the Rule of Law.

Why are Democrats Allowing Anarchy in America?

Let’s face reality. Over the past several decades the Democratic Party has changed dramatically. The Democratic Party:

  • Had its origins in the times of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson,
  • It has morphed into the more liberal Democratic Party of FDR and LBJ,
  • Then to the progressive Democratic Party of Bill and Hillary Clinton,
  • Then to the current socialist Democratic Party of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden.

It’s true that many Democratic Party politicians and candidates now openly call themselves Democratic Socialists or even sometimes outright communists.

Socialists want to revolutionize America and transform it from a Constitutional Republic based on freedom, free enterprise, and capitalism into a socialist or communist country run by a big, strong, powerful, centralized government that they intend to run.

We can and should expect Democratic Party politicians, who have morphed into socialists, to act like socialists and promote a socialist agenda.

How have Democratic Governors and Mayors Acted in Response to the Covid 19 Virus?

We were told by the Blue State Governors and the Blue City Mayors:

  • To stay home
  • To social distance – to stay 6 feet apart from others
  • To close businesses
  • To close schools, colleges and universities
  • To close down Church and Synagogue Services
  • To stop meeting in groups larger than 10 people
  • To stop sports activities
  • To stop attending stadiums and team sporting events like baseball

It’s true some Red States also asked us to shut down. But, the big difference was that Blue State Governors and Blue City Mayors dragged their feet on re-opening and in many places are still locked down.

Why would Democratic Party politicians want to keep the American Economy locked down? That’s easy. It’s the only way they could have any change to beat Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. Strong economies almost always result in the reelection of an incumbent president. Remember socialist personalities saying how a recession would be worth it to get rid of Trump.

After all, the deep State Russian hoax didn’t get rid of Trump, the Ukrainian hoax impeachment didn’t get rid of Trump either. Maybe, they thought the exaggerated doomsday Covid 19 models might just work.

It doesn’t appear to me that the Democratic Party politicians really care if 40 Million Americans are now unemployed because a bad economy might help them get back into The White House. 

Democrats are Comfortable Tossing Our Bill of Rights out the Window

In fact, Democrats (socialists) could help transform America by maintaining a long, drawn out, draconian economic shutdown:

  • Making 40+ million Americans unemployed
  • Making millions of Americans dependent on $1200 so-called Economic Impact Payments
  • Trying to get a $2,000 on-going monthly payment program for all Americans (without needing to work)
  • Trying to impose the radical Green New Deal on Americans with devastating effects on the American Economy
  • Trying to eliminate our energy industry with the elimination of all fossil fuels
  • Trying to eliminate all cars and trucks that run on fossil fuel
  • Trying to eliminate our cattle industry with the elimination of all cows
  • Trying to eliminate hamburgers
  • Trying to eliminate jet travel

One impact of the Green New Deal is likely widespread food shortages and ultimately starvation for millions of people in America and around the world.

How have Democratic Governors and Mayors Acted in Response to the George Floyd Related Violence and Rioting?

The death of George Floyd appears to be criminally wrong. The police officers in questions will have to face the criminal justice system. But, outright looting stores, setting fires, smashing windows, and attacking and killing innocent citizens and police officers – in other words anarchy – is also wrong.

Democratic Governors and Mayors are allowing this anarchy by telling the police to stand down against the organized lawbreakers causing the violence and rioting, and by refusing to use the National Guard to protect innocent citizens and property.

Another issue is the Democratic Party politicians inspired, so-called “bail reform” that now permit most of the rioters to be booked and then set free immediately without bail. Rioters need to be kept in jail to prevent more rioting from taking place.

Why do Democratic Party Blue State Governors and Blue City Mayors Refuse to Stop the Anarchy and Restore the Rule of Law?

I think the answer is both simple and political. Black Americans are a traditional and important voting block in America. In 2016, Trump received about 8% of their votes, much better than previous Republican Party presidential candidates.

In 2020, President Trump is on target to receive more that 35% of the Black American vote because Black Americans have done so much better economically under President Trump. This would assure President Trump of an easy reelection victory.

In my opinion, Democrats are supporting the anarchy in another doomed-to-fail attempt at beating President Trump. I think the Democrats hope to convince Black American voters that Americas is a “systemic racist” country and they need to vote for Democrats to save them.

Of course, with 10 unarmed Black Americans killed by the police in 2019 out of 320 Million Americans, systemic racism and widespread condemnation of the police or America seems inappropriate and a false socialist narrative.

The American Voter Will Choose the Rule of Law over Anarchy in 2020

The American voter will hand the Democratic Party an historic loss in the 2020 Presidential and Congressional Elections.

Americans will decisively reject socialism and socialist policies.

Here are additional predictions for 2020:

  • The shutdown of the American Economy and the slow re-start of the economy in Blue States will primarily hurt the Democratic Party.
  • President Trump will be trusted by the American voters to re-start the American Economy faster than the Democratic Party candidate because he built up the American Economy in his first 3 years in office.
  • Joe Biden’s gaffes and inability to speak clearly and concisely and accurately will cause the Democratic Party to select a different presidential nominee.
  • Most likely, Michelle Obama will be selected to run as president by the Democrats.
  • President Trump will get 348 Electoral Votes to the Democratic Party candidate’s 190 Electoral Votes.
  • Significant voter fraud will be attempted in 2020, but it will not be successful for two large reasons: (1) mechanisms put in place by Trump to identify voter fraud, and (2) large pro-Trump turnout.
  • The U. S. House will flip back to Republican control by 5 to 8 seats.
  • The U. S. Senate will remain under Republican control with a pickup of 1 seat.
  • The Democratic Party will close down as a major party in the United States in 2021.

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