Anarchy and Violence – Ending It?

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Anarchy and Violence in Our Cities – Impact and How Can We End It?

Anarchy and violence started in Minneapolis after a protest was hijacked by militant Antifa and BLM agitators, who saw the death of George Floyd as an opportunity to pursue their radical agendas of removing President Trump from office and transforming America into a socialist and communist country.

In order to end the on-going anarchy and violence in our cities, we need to know who is permitting it, who is empowering it, and who can get rid of it. Another important question: how will it impact the presidential election. Let’s explore these topics below.

Anarchy and Violence in Our Cities – Who is Permitting It?

Democratic governors in Blue States and Democratic mayors in Blue Cities are permitting anarchy and violence.

How are they permitting it? First, they are allowing anarchy and violence by ordering the local police and State Troopers to stand down. In some cases, such as in Seattle, the police were limited in the tools, weapons, and techniques they could use to protect citizens and property.

In some cities, bail was eliminated, setting perpetrators back on the streets in a matter of a few hours. In many jurisdictions, Democrats chose to coddle the criminals responsible for the anarchy and violence with no charges and no prosecutions for breaking the laws at all. In effect, Democrats were sending rioters and looters a signal that they were free to wreak havoc on their communities.

Anarchy and Violence in Our Cities – Who is Empowering It?

Besides allowing anarchy and violence, Democratic governors and mayors further empowered the rioting by usually refusing help from President Trump and the Federal government.

The president can call up National Guard units in a State or order Federal agents into action if needed. Governors also have authority to call up the National Guard in their own State to deal with State or local emergencies. If those resources are insufficient, they can request more resources from the Federal government.

In addition, Democratic politicians and their supporters have been quoted in the media with statements that seemed to encourage and empower anarchy and violence. Examples:

  • “I don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country” – Pelosi on C-SPAN
  • President Trump and GOP lawmakers are “enemies of the State” – Pelosi on MS-NBC
  • “I would like to punch him in the face” – Robert De Niro on YouTube video
  • “people need to start taking to the streets” – Donnie Deutsch on MS-NBC
  • “I have thought, an awful lot, about blowing up the White House” – Madonna
  • “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” – Johnny Depp

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Who Can Get Rid of It? – The Voters

The simple answer is this. America can get rid of anarchy and violence in our cities and neighborhoods by electing political candidates who support the Constitution and Law and Order – in The White House, in the U. S. House, in the U. S. Senate, and in States and Cities across the country.

My opinion is the difference between the two parties this year is clear and striking.

The Democrats, starting with Biden, support socialism, rigid government Covid 19 lock downs for law-abiding citizens, as well as anarchy and violence in our cities and neighborhoods by militant Marxist thugs.

The Republicans led by President Trump support the Constitution, Freedom, and Law and Order. They will restore peace and prosperity to America.

This is an important historical election.

Impact on the Election – Historic Turn Out Supporting President Trump and Law and Order

Most Americans want to live in peace and prosperity. Anarchy and violence will cause an enormous turnout in the 2020 presidential election.

The turnout will result in a landslide victory for President Trump and considerable and widespread Democratic losses.

The U. S. House will flip back to Republican control and the U. S. Senate will show a pickup of one seat for Republicans.

Real World Socialism – Understand the Top Political Issue of the 2020 Presidential Election

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Real World Socialism is a comprehensive, tour de force of the history of socialism, including the many variations and names it has taken on over the centuries, as well as how socialism has failed miserably in both theory and practice. It also highlights the reasons socialists argue for socialist planning and policies, and why those arguments collapse in the real world.

Real World Socialism is a perfect gift for high school and college students that have to put up with Marxist and socialist teachers and professors, attempting to indoctrinate them with socialist and communist ideas.

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