America’s Future is Optimistic!

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Will America’s Future include Socialism?

Some people worry about America’s future. They are concerned that America’s young in K-12 and colleges and universities are not being taught American Exceptionalism and that they are not being taught about the greatest political document in history: the American Constitution. They also are concerned that young Americans do not understand the cost and the value of our freedom.  They worry as well that instead, America’s young are being indoctrinated with secular socialism. Plus, in place of American Exceptionalism, they are being taught that America has a bad founding based on white supremacy, racism, and sexism.

Obvious indoctrination in today’s schools and colleges might be true. But, the American people continue to have in their political DNA four key principles that inform and guide their thoughts, lives and actions:

  • Morality
  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Prosperity

Most Americans continue to hold these four principles in their hearts, souls, and minds. They provide a filter and barrier far stronger than the old (and getting older and more irrelevant) mainstream media.

While it’s true that many younger Americans are subject to indoctrination in K-12 and colleges and universities, two key factors are mitigating the results of that indoctrination. The two key factors are:

  • Once out in the real world, many young Americans are rejecting the indoctrination (and rejecting socialism, and rejecting losing freedoms) and becoming conservative in their views.
  • The American people are addressing the problem of indoctrination and pushing for real education in their schools and colleges. How?
    • By running for school boards and changing curriculum.
    • By contacting university administrators and withholding alumni donations.
    • By supporting their students in their bids for freedom of speech and the free expression of opinions on campus.

Some Americans do want socialism, or progressive socialism, or Marxism, or even communism. But, it remains a small minority.  Socialism is not well accepted by American voters.

Be careful of what polls you listen to or believe. As we know, there are many polls that have been inaccurate for reasons that I detail in More Great News for America .

America’s future does not include the rejection of our Constitutional Republic and it does not include its replacement by socialism.

Will America’s Future include a Democratic House Past the 2020 Election?

The Conservative Red Wave I predicted this year is in the process of happening. The long-range and short-range cultural, political, and economic trends continue to take place. We now have a popular president that is conservative. We have elected a more conservative Senate.

In the House, 49 Establishment Republicans, who were not on-board the conservative trends will not be returning to the 2019 House. While the Democrats did gain temporary control of the House, about 31 new members of the House support more conservative legislative positions and will support President Trump.

The Conservative Red Wave is taking two House election cycles to accomplish:

  • First, in 2018, Americans voted out the House members who didn’t support the president and conservative policies.
    • Recall how many Republican voters complained that they sent so-called conservatives to Washington, only to find the Establishment Republicans seemed more like Democrats.
    • Recall the voter anger over so many issues that were ignored by these RINOs and the corresponding House inaction. The American voters did not accept that complacency in the 2018 elections.
    • There are 49 Establishment Republicans, who didn’t support the president, who lost their jobs. 
  • Second, in 2020, use the strong conservative voter intensity and both support and elect true conservatives, who will enthusiastically support the president. In 2020, the House will return to Republican control.

America’s future includes a return to Republican control of the House as a result of the 2020 election. Plus, the House will be controlled by conservatives starting in January 2021 and will be led by Speaker Jim Jordan.

Will America’s Future include Economic Decline because of the Democrat House Resisting the President?

We have watched the impact of the House elections on our stock market. It’s obvious that many investors are concerned that Democrats in the 2019 House will sink the economy.

The Democrats do seem poised to resist the president even more in January 2019. Expect a daily tirade against the president, peppered with subpoenas, and demands for tax returns. Expect resistance on even a bigger scale than we have seen in the first two years of President Trump’s first term in office.

But, don’t despair or think negatively. The Democrats anticipated performance will only highlight to the American people how out of touch Democrats are with voters. Attacking a popular president, who has popular policies, is a recipe for political failure.

The Democrat approach helps to seal their defeat in 2020 and the return of the House to conservative Republican control. It also paves the way for the eventual demise of the Democratic Party. The trends are in place for the party to end, as other parties in American History have come and gone over the years.

America’s future includes continued economic growth because of President Trump’s pro-growth economic policies.