America’s Economic War

A Citizen’s Handbook for Understanding the War between American Capitalism and Socialism

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America’s Economic War – Understanding the Challenges

America’s Economic War can be daunting.   Are you struggling to understand what’s really going on in the American Economy today?  Do you want to know if our economy will turn-around quickly, or get bogged down in a bad recession, or worse, collapse into a ten-year depression?  Do you want to understand why we confront a constant stream of bad economic reports and financial crises?  Why we face increasing inflation with mounting food and energy prices?  Why our leaders engage in fierce political battles with one another?  Do you want to understand why American Culture and morality are in steep decline?

Gerard Francis Lameiro, America’s Citizen-Philosopher, addresses all these questions and many more in this clearly written, easy-to-understand, and vitally important book that identifies and describes America’s Economic War.  In his engaging style and with his optimistic vision and uncanny ability to make the complex very simple, Dr. Lameiro describes in riveting detail:

  • America’s Economic War between American Capitalism and socialism that is raging across America today,
  • The 47 major and three special battles taking place right now that are dramatically impacting American Culture, American Government, and the American Economy, and
  • The serious risks to you and your family’s freedom, money and lives.

America’s Economic War is a test of America’s moral strength and courage, a test of its Constitutional principles, and a test of its great engine of economic freedom and prosperity.

America’s Economic War – Achieving a Brighter Future

This book will help you get a solid understanding of America’s Economic War and how American Capitalism can help all of us to achieve a brighter future for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

America’s Economic War – Why You Should Read This Book

You might not realize it right now because you are busy with work or school or family concerns, but, you and your family’s freedom, money and life are all at risk today.  The purpose of this book is to help you understand what is going on within America today and why it is vitally important to you and your family.  America’s Economic War is raging and changing the nature of American Culture, American Government, and the American Economy.  Each and every one of us is dramatically impacted.  Yet, few of us recognize that America’s Economic War is taking place at all. Indeed, fewer still understand the causes of the war, or its impact and potential dangers.

This book explains America’s Economic War in enough detail to gain a true understanding of the extent, scope and impact of this war.  It focuses on the real dangers you face.  It shows you who the combatants in the war are and it explains their philosophy, rationale and logic.  It details the 47 major battles and the three special battles taking place now.  It also looks at some of the consequences of the war and predicts the likely winner.

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