How Will Americans Respond to Recent Anarchy?

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How Will Americans Respond to Recent Violence, Looting and Rioting in the Streets?

Democratic Governors and Democratic Mayors in some States and cities might have chosen to ignore the needs of their citizens and allowed the anarchy to continue, but will Americans ignore what happened or will Americans respond to the violence, looting, and rioting more concretely?

Traditionally, Americans respond to crises and deal with them in positive ways that help create long term solutions.

This year, 2020, Americans will respond to the recent violence, looting, and rioting in several ways. Here are four likely responses:

  • The 2020 Presidential and Congressional Elections will be historic – a confirming election of the historic and critical 2016 presidential election.
  • The 2020 Gubernatorial and Mayoral Elections will see an historic change from Democratic incumbents to Republican challengers – Democrats will be replaced because of their failure to protect people and property during the recent anarchy and rioting.
  • Businesses will choose not to rebuild in cities that didn’t protect them during the anarchy and violence – Businesses will also choose to leave cities that decide to stop funding their police departments.
  • Citizens will move out of cities that stop protecting them with police departments.
  • The tax bases of many States and cities will decline.

Let’s look at how will Americans respond to violence, looting, and rioting.

Americans Respond – Presidential and Congressional Elections

The American voter will hand the Democratic Party an historic loss in the 2020 Presidential and Congressional Elections. Americans will decisively reject socialism and socialist policies. Here are my current forecasts:

  • President Trump will get 348 Electoral Votes to the Democratic Party candidate’s 190 Electoral Votes.
  • Significant voter fraud will be attempted in 2020, but it will not be successful for two large reasons: (1) mechanisms put in place by Trump to identify voter fraud, and (2) large pro-Trump turnout.
  • The U. S. House will flip back to Republican control by 5 to 8 seats.
  • The U. S. Senate will remain under Republican control with a pickup of 1 seat.

This election will also be a confirming election signaling that the Conservative Era in America will continue to take place.

Americans Respond – Gubernatorial and Mayoral Elections

The American voter will also hand the Democratic Party an historic loss in the 2020 Gubernatorial and Mayoral Elections. Again, Americans will decisively reject socialism and socialist policies. Here are my current forecasts:

  • Republicans will pick up 4 seats in Gubernatorial races.
  • Republicans will pick up 3 seats in Mayoral races signaling more future pickups in cities across America as Mayoral elections are held in future years.

Mayoral incumbents in major cities where violence and anarchy were allowed by Mayors will see a trend toward losing reelection.

Citizens and Businesses Chose to Flee States and Cities that Allowed Anarchy

In Chicago, many retail stores were vandalized and looted during the recent anarchy, leading some retailers to think seriously about whether or not to reopen again. Walmart, for example, might not reopen all its Chicago locations after the looting.

Source: ]

In Minneapolis, a manufacturing company, 7-Sigma Inc., has decided to leave the city since it was allowed to burn down during the recent anarchy. The corporation 7-Sigma Inc was in the business of designing and manufacturing polymer solutions and precision metal components. It will take 50 or so jobs with it when it leaves Minneapolis.

Source: ]

In New York City, the high cost of living, the Covid 19 shutdown, and now the anarchy are leading both the young and the rich to reconsider living in the Big Apple and moving elsewhere instead.

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Tax Base Declines

With the loss of high income workers and high net worth citizens as well as the loss of businesses, States and cities that permitted violence and rioting can expect declining tax revenues, further exacerbating their terrible financial situations.

The costs to States and cities in terms of tax revenue declines and property losses are yet to be tallied. Add to that losses from tourism receipts lost and the bottom line is likely in the $30 – $50 Billion range or higher.

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