America Will Not Be Intimidated!

Faced with Internal and External Threats, America Will Not Be Intimidated!

The Trump Administration and America will not be intimidated. Externally, America faces missile launches by North Korea and Iran. Internally, President Trump faces a constant assault on the legitimacy of his election and on the implementation of his policies. Furthermore, America faces unprecedented attempts to shut down free speech. Consider, for example, scholar Charles Murray’s recent reprehensible treatment at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Despite these internal and external threats, President Trump and Americans will not be intimidated. How will President Trump and Americans respond now?

America Will Not Be Intimidated by the Washington Swamp and All their Internal Threats

Let’s look at what has been going on:

  • Clear evidence of wiretapping at Trump Tower during the campaign (recall that’s where Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn was taped)
  • Leak after leak of President Trump’s calls and the administration’s actions, some might be violations of the law
  • Democrats obstructionist delays for Trump appointees, delaying down organization appointments too
  • Deep State holdover appointments and the intentional implementation of old Obama policies that were rejected by the America people in the presidential election – Potential shadow governments
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • Rent-A-Mobs, protests, rioting, shut down of conservative free speech on campuses
  • Progressive judges legislating policy from the bench and 9th Circuit highly questionable rulings
  • The Russian “hacked the election” meme continues unabated. It exists with no basis in fact or evidence to show it’s true.

What Will be Done about the Internal Threats?

It’s time to take definitive, strong action:

  • Investigate the Left including international financing
  • Investigate the leaks
  • Ask for blanket resignations
  • Make “recess appointments” when the Senate is not  in session
  • Publish non-classified information on what is found – Americans need to know what’s been happening in the Washington Swamp
  • Look for evidence of conspiracy, crimes, racketering and RICO, and potential sedition
  • Consider a new class of sedition laws that protect against a conspiracy to pull off an effective but virtual, public relations, coup d’etat – Trying to prevent an administration from governing under the Constitution and laws of the nation should be the moral equivalent of an unwanted coup or simply sabotage of the government
  • Remember protests, dissent and free speech are not licenses for violence, riots, property damage, crimes or government sabotage
  • Cut funding to Sanctuary Cities
  • Cut funding and donations to colleges and universities that do not permit free speech
  • Bring people who foment violence or incite riots to justice

What Will be Done about the External Threats?

America needs to rebuild its military again. President Trump is on his way to strengthening America. Of course, our enemies need to placed on notice that we will not be pushed around.

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