Is the Alt-Right part of the Alt-Left?

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Is the Alt-Right another Alt-Left Group?

Given the recent violence in Charlottesville with the alt-left battling the alt-right, most people probably think the two factions are separate and distinct extremist groups adamantly opposed to each other. But is that really true? It might surprise you that the two groups could be closely related and in fact, might be working together to divide America into angry factions and to keep minority voting blocs together in the 2018 election. This might be called a “divide and conquer” strategy.

Let’s take an in-depth look now …

What is the Alt-Right?

The term alt-right refers to a relatively small group of people who are associated with white identity politics. Specifically, they are associated with white identity thinking that white people have common interests that must be protected. Some members of the extremist group go so far to be possibly considered:

  • White Supremacists
  • Neo-Nazis
  • KKK members

Note that white identity proponents are not the same as white supremacists. White supremacists take white identity thinking to the extreme of believing that white people are a superior racial group. White identity proponents simply want to protect the interests of white people. They believe every race has its own unique strengths.

Where did the term Alt-Right come from?

Richard Spencer coined the term about 8 years ago and also started the website Alternative Right.

Is Alt-Right another term for Conservative?

No! Identity politics, the politics associated with the alt-right, are the precise opposite of conservative views. Identity politics is viewing politics, political issues, and political positions from the point of view of distinct and separate groups. Simply put, identity politics divides up people by groups – by race, by gender, by religion, by class, or by other boundaries.

The roots of identity politics go back to the earliest days of socialism, fascism, and communism. It’s a long term strategy among many on the left that hopes to “divide and conquer” a national identity in an attempt to gain political power.

In sharp contrast to the alt-right, conservatives stress freedom, free markets, morality in government, and the Rule of Law.

Is the Alt-Left hoping to brand Conservatives as Alt-Right for Political Purposes?

It would appear so. If conservatives can be branded as alt-right extremists that are white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-Nazi’s, and KKK sympathizers, then the alt-left hopes that Americans will no longer support conservatives and conservative policies.

Is the Alt-Right another Alt-Left Group?

This is an important question.

According to at least one news source, one of the organizers of the “Unite the Right” group involved with the Charlottesville protest (the alt-right group), was previously an Obama supporter involved with the Occupy movement.

If true, one can ask was the entire Charlottesville violence, a pre-orchestrated news event with two extreme alt-left groups designed to generate political news stories with a leftist narrative and leftist agenda?

Is the alt-right another alt-left group?

Coming in January 2018 – More Great News for America

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