After Comey’s Testimony, What Do We Know?

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After Comey’s Testimony, What Do We Know about Trump, the Election, and Possible Russian Hacking?

Washington has been waiting to hear Comey’s testimony this week before the House Intelligence Committee. On Monday, both FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency (NSA) Director Mike Rogers testified. Unfortunately, Comey’s testimony didn’t answer all the questions clearly and concisely. In fact, many questions still remain. In addition, there is no timeline given for resolution of those questions.

Is the Controversy Surrounding Comey’s Testimony Just Another Attempt at Blocking Trump’s Policy Agenda?

Let’s face it. The Washington establishment, both Republicans and Democrats, never wanted a true outsider running the show in Washington.

  • Trump promised to drain the swamp.
  • Trump promised to take on deficit spending the ballooning National Debt that continues to expand past $20 Trillion.
  • Trump promised to cut wasteful bureaucracy and there’s plenty of that in Washington.
  • Trump promised to cut taxes.
  • Trump promised to cut spending.
  • Trump promised to cut regulations.
  • Trump promised to rebuild, restore, and strengthen the military.
  • Trump promised to protect America from global terrorism and ISIS.
  • Trump promised to end illegal immigration and build a wall on our southern border.

The uber left, the radical left, the old failing mainstream media, the Hollywood left, and left-leaning colleges and universities, all oppose Trump. They have been working night and day since the election in November to block Trump’s policy agenda.

The left doesn’t accept Trump, Trump’s appointments, the Trump administration, the Trump policy agenda. They are working hard to block, stop, and in some cases possibly even sabotage President Trump.

What Do We Know about Trump, the Election, and Possible Russian Hacking?

  • There is an investigation of possible Trump – Russian collusion. Comey would not state anything about the investigation because it was on-going.
  • BUT, even though the FBI has been investigating a possible Trump – Russian connection since last July (about 10 months), there is no publically known evidence that the Russians hacked the election. There is also no publically known evidence of Trump – Russian collusion.
  • If there were evidence, it probably would have been leaked by now.
  • There is also no evidence that the Russians “hacked” into America’s election computers.
  • There is no evidence that even one vote was changed in our presidential election.
  • There is no evidence that the Russians prevented Clinton from campaigning in the crucial States of Michigan and Wisconsin.
  • John Podesta’s emails containing negative information on Clinton’s campaign were not hacked. They were obtained through a phishing scheme that Podesta enabled by responding to a phishing expedition email message.
  • Classified information that has been leaked to the public could be considered criminal.
  • Some leaks contained false information.
  • No leakers have been identified thus far.
  • While President Trump used the term “wiretaping” in quotes in his recent tweet, he was referring to any type of surveillance.
  • There’s no evidence Trump was actually physically wiretapped. But, given the on-going investigation, other types of surveillance might have taken place against Trump and his associates.

Do We Know If Democrats have Worked with the Russians?

  • Before the 2012 election, Obama commented to Dmitry Medvedev about having “… a little bit more flexibility after the election”, presumably signaling to Putin his intention to cut our nuclear missile forces. Was this an example or indication of working together?
  • Hillary Clinton’s approval of the sale of 20% of U. S. uranium production capacity to the Russians, while the Clinton Foundation received $2.35 M in donations and Bill Clinton received a speaking fee of $500 K from a Russian investment bank associated with one of the companies involved.
  • Sen. Ted Kennedy’s efforts with the Russians to undermine President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy in the mid-1980’s.
  • Former Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace attempts to work with and help the old Soviet Union in the 1940’s. Wallace was fired by Truman.

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