August 2020

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Presidential Election Trends – The Latest

What are the Latest Presidential Election Trends? While the Democratic National Convention with its dark vision for America is over and the Republican National Convention is in progress with an optimistic vision of greatness for America’s future, what presidential election trends are evident? Anarchy in our cities run by Blue City mayors is an increasingly important issue Covid 19 lock downs in States run by Blue State governors is an increasingly important issue Voter registration preferences are trending down for the Democratic Party and up for the Republican party Voter Enthusiasm and Voter Intensity trends favor President Trump by a…

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Why You Need to Vote in 2020?

Americans Need to Vote in 2020 – The Impact Will Likely Last for Decades Most people think they need to vote in a presidential election to pick a president. Most years, they would be correct. But, the 2020 Presidential Election is much bigger than that. It is a once-in-a-lifetime election. You Need to Vote in 2020 – The Most Important Presidential Election Since 1789 Why is the need to vote so great in 2020? Why is it the most important presidential election since 1789, when Washington was elected president? In 1789, America was celebrating its new Constitution and its freedom….