June 2020

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How Will Americans Respond to Recent Anarchy?

How Will Americans Respond to Recent Violence, Looting and Rioting in the Streets? Democratic Governors and Democratic Mayors in some States and cities might have chosen to ignore the needs of their citizens and allowed the anarchy to continue, but will Americans ignore what happened or will Americans respond to the violence, looting, and rioting more concretely? Traditionally, Americans respond to crises and deal with them in positive ways that help create long term solutions. This year, 2020, Americans will respond to the recent violence, looting, and rioting in several ways. Here are four likely responses: The 2020 Presidential and…

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Anarchy vs the Rule of Law?

What Direction Will America Take – Anarchy or the Rule of Law? America has slipped from protesting the terrible death of George Floyd to outright looting stores, setting fires, smashing windows, and attacking and killing innocent citizens and police officers – in other words anarchy. Plus, it appears to be organized anarchy with pre-positioned bricks placed nearby key riot locations and even incendiary devices strategically available for destruction of property. Democrats running many cities and States are choosing to permit this rampant and widespread anarchy rather than use their police departments and/or National Guard troops to quell the property damage…