February 2020

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CPAC Takes on Socialism

CPAC Takes on Socialism and Its Devastating Effects on a Nation CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, is going on in Maryland, near Washington, DC the last week in February. It is probably both the largest and most important conference of conservative activists and politicians in the world today. Not surprisingly, CPAC has decided to take on socialism in many of its sessions this year. As I predicted last year and I have mentioned in the media this year, socialism is the #1 issue of the 2020 presidential election. President Trump has signaled that America will never become a socialist…

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Red Alert – Socialism Top Political Issue of 2020

Red Alert – Socialism is the Top Political Issue in 2020 Presidential Election It’s a Red Alert for voters this year. It now looks like Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee as I predicted in the past. From coast-to-coast, political pundits and voters are discussing socialism.  Indeed, America has a big choice to make in this year’s presidential election as well in Congressional elections. Does America want to keep our Constitutional Republic, keep our equality under the Rule of Law, keep our freedom, keep free markets and capitalism? Or, do Americans want to switch to a political…

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Presidential Election – Iowa, Impeachment, SOTU

What Will Be the Impact on the Presidential Election Caused by This Week’s Big Three Events? There is no question that this week’s top three events – the Iowa Democratic Caucus debacle; the Impeachment Vote in the Senate to acquit President Trump of treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors; and President Trump’s State of the Union Address – will have an impact on the presidential election. All three of these big events this week will work against the ultimate Democratic Party nominee and all three events will further enhance and extend President Trump’s likely easy victory in November. Let’s look…